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Stone Ridge

500 Piccadilly Row

Antioch, TN 37013



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/31/2007
When the staff first showed me my apartment, I was in love. Of course there were a couple of things here or there, but that's with any apartment. The weather stripping on my door was falling of and a drawer in the kitchen was off track. It took a month for them to fix my weather stripping, but I didn't complain. When the weather began to change over into spring I noticed little "ants" in my apartment. I bought some spray and thought my problem was over. One day when I got home from work, these winged "ants" were all over my kitchen and bathroom. I was disgusted they were there by the hundreds! So not knowing they were termites I got out my ant spray, killed them, and vacuumed/swept them up. When I told my mom about this she said it sounded like termites. After some online research of termites, I immediately told a member of the staff and she wrote in a large notebook and told me someone will look into it. No one did. A week later I had another termite swarm in my apartment. Again I cleaned it up and told a different staff member what happend and that no one ever came to look at it. She wrote in the same notebook and a couple weeks later I had a promotional flyer on my table from an exterminator. I was relieved until one Saturday morning when I woke up to use the bathroom, the lights were off and I couldnt see to well, but when I turned on the bathroom light I was standing in a swarm of termites. I was startled and looked in the mirror, they were all over me and in my hair! I frantically ran in my room only to cut the light on and see them covering my bedroom floor, chest of drawers,closet (yes they were on my clothes), and my bed! They also covered my kitchen floor. I quickly threw on some clothes and left the apartment headed toward the office. Well the office didn't open until 9am it was about 7:30am. So I drove around until it opened. I took yet another staff member into the apartment so she could see for herself, she was just as disgusted as I was! Well guess what, they still did nothing until that next week the roof in the breezeway in front of my door collapsed in. They blamed it on water damage. I begged to differ. They told me that I did not have termites, I was confusing them with ants! I went off and demanded to be let free of my lease. They finally let me out after I sent an e mail to the District Manager of the complex explaing what was going on. The termites left damage to the apartment and some of my property. I left the termite eaten chest of drawers there when I left. Now they want me to pay for damages to the apartment and for leaving my chest. I still have not paid it and I dont plan on paying for it either. Not to mention hearing gun shots on a few occasions. Word of advise try any other complex BUT Signature Pointe.
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Stone Ridge

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