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The Summit Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/24/2007
First if your going to move here I suggest you install a wierless security system, and they aren't cheap. I have one in my apartment because the person I lives with works in that field.<br><br>Second I suggest you get an apartment on the top floor. If your like us and get stuck on the bottom floor you will have to lisetn to the neighboors. You can hear everything they do here and most of them are very rude and incosiderate, the people above me sound like a heard of wild animals from 5am to all hours of the night. Your can hear your neighboors comming in and going out, it is extreamly noisy.<br><br>Security here is pretty good, but that didn't prevent theives breaking into my boyfriends work van and stealing $5,000 worth of equipment and tools from him, not to mention our neighboor's tire rims.<br><br>The units are pretty small, no linen closet and the counters in the bathroom don't have any drawers. All the appliances are pretty dated and we've already had our air conditioner, garbage disposal,and water heater shut down, but they were always replaced immediately after notifying the office.<br><br>The Scenery is nice in the warmer months agian good for top floor apartments. It is really close to I-24 but traffic can be terrible at rush hour and during the holiday season as there are a ton of stores and resturants just a few block away. There is a back way, but you have to know it in order to use it.<br><br>Parking can be awesome or a nightmare depending on when your looking for a spot. If its late at night forget about it. I'd reccomend buying a garage unit or covered parking because everyone invites their friends over and they don't park considerately.<br><br>Plus neighboors are not very friendly, some are, most are not, they will hurry past you and avoid looking at you. One of my neighboors has this little annoying dog that barks at everything and you can hear it through the whole building, but they don't do anything about it.<br><br>The Summit is located next to two other apartment complexes, they are much worse in comparasion, so I reccommend this place over the other two, but only for those who need a place to stay until they can find someplace better or while your building your home. Not reccommended for long term stay.
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The Summit Apartments

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