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Waterford Crossings Apartment Homes

5825 Crossings Boulevard

Cane Ridge, TN 37013



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nashvilleresident • Resident 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/23/2007
I'm not sure if my expectations were low or just reasonable. Upon moving in, I expected my apartment to be clean, my appliances to work, and for a smiling face to had me the key. I recieved all of the above. I know these apartments are cleaned b/c when I first looked at the apartment the cleaning crew was there and by the time I moved in a month later it still smelled clean. All of my appliances worked and on the day I moved in a smiling face at the office handed me the key. I was walked thru the appartment and we recorded all damage (a few spots on the carpet, a nick in the paint) so I would not be responsible for damage that had occured prior to my arival. My apartment was emmaculate. I hoped however for a quiet area, knowing that no one, except for my neighbors, could be held responsible for the noise level. I work nights and need my sleep during the day. My area is VERY quiet with the exception a running water in the pipes from time to time and I expect to hear such noises. I do live right across from the pool and have not been here yet during the summer. I have faith that the noise will not carry too much and interrupt my sleep. However, I knew I would be by the pool when I signed my lease so if it is too loud that is my problem not the complex's.<br><br>When I first came to WC I had been apartment hunting all day. I was beyond exhausted and cold. It was 4:45 in the afternoon and I really didn't think anyone would want to help me that late in the day nor did I think I could actually afford to live in such a nice place with such great ammenities. I was wrong about both. I was greeted with a smile and empathy for the long day that I had. The manager was able to meet my budget so that YES! I could afford to live where I wanted to. I did a criminal check of the area thru the police department and the only crime history was one car break in near by and one car break in on site. Well, that's not too bad compared to other areas around here. Even the most expensive neighborhoods have car break in's. Be smart where ever you live and don't leave stuff worth stealing in your car. <br><br>To those who complain about being towed. I was told to be sure to park in resident parking and to hang my tag at all times. I was told about the strong potential to be towed and am glad that someone is ensuring that I have a place to park at all times.<br><br>The staff could not be nicer to me and my dog. I love seeing everyone who works here and am very encouraged by the fact that atleast two of the staff members live on site. <br><br>The only suggestion I have for WC is to add more "poop bag" dispencers throughout the complex. Excesive dog excriment is an issue but I blame that on irresponsible dog owners not the complex. I think it is unreasonable to expect someone to clean up after these irresponsible people. My hope is that by having more dispencers people may be encouraged to be more responsible.<br><br>I say thank you to WC for making my apartment my home.
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Waterford Crossings Apartment Homes

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