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Elements of Chattanooga



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 Recommended
Reviewed 06/28/2012
I am a student at UTC and have been living here with my boyfriend since August, but with all the things I have to do on campus I cannot afford to drive back and forth from my apartment to campus multiple times a day so we will be moving soon as the end of the lease is coming up. For a student who doesn't have obligations on campus at different times of the day, the drive wouldn't be that bad, but I do so we are very sad to be moving. As everyone else said, the maintenance staff is phenomenal. They always wave hello and are more than wiling to help. One of the men saw me struggling to open my mailbox and came right over and sprayed something in the keyhole that fixed it right up. Another one of the maintenance men was very nice even after my over-protective wiener dog bit him several times. The ladies in the office have been nothing but cordial and were great about getting me moved in which was nice after bad experiences at my last apartment. I live right near the office and imagine that if there was a noise problem it would be there but I haven't had any problems. You can't expect any place to be completely silent at all hours of the day- people are going to utilize the recreational structures provided because that's what they're there for. I guess it could get loud for the apartments directly behind the basketball court but I really don't know. I can sometimes hear my neighbors talking loudly on the stairs but only for a moment and I never hear so much as a tv coming from anyone else's apartment but then again I am on the top floor. I do hear when their dogs bark but my dog definitely barks more so it doesn't bother me and I certainly can't complain. The only issue I have is that I don't understand why I'm paying an extra $65 a month for water when it is just the two of us living here. The water itself isn't that bad I just don't get why the cost of sewage is almost double the cost of water. I have never gone to ask about it so there may be a valid explanation and if there is a problem then it's my own fault for not addressing it. Overall, I have loved living here. I might even come back after I graduate. I love the creek that runs through the property and the ten million bunnies that are always everywhere. The 5ft-deep bow-tie shaped pool is a little awkward but at least there is a pool. I have never had a problem with parking or safety and I would definitely recommend living here.
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Elements of Chattanooga

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