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Greenwood Place Apartments



Resident · 2009 - 2010
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Office Staff
Moved out from this apartment and had a lease for a year. I was counting down to moving out after a month. I was attending APSU for my last year and thought it would be convenient and heard bad reviews but thought I could work through it. The place is full of brown recluse spiders and they would not go away. My guest would be terrified after seeing one walking along the side the edge boards. I even doubted myself and thought they could possibly not be brown recluse spiders so when I presented it to the pest control people they assured me they were and just told me to lay sticky traps. I kept complaining about it since it was freaking me out how many traps caught the brown recluse spiders of all sizes. The next pest control company they sent ended up taking me sticky traps and spraying the place without laying new traps down. The spiders didnt stop and your heating and cooling bill will be outrageous. The windows are single pain and they arent sealed. You will feel the heat and the cold cold air. The unit isnt strong enough to cool/heat the apartment with the high ceilings and the old old windows. Not only that, the area has a high crime rate which other tenants in the apartment were affected by having their catalytic converters stolen from their car. There are always people wandering around at night and once a man came the building begging for money who eventually fell asleep in the pool room. YEAH, LUXURY APARTMENTS. Please don't make the mistake I made and just find any other apartment/townhouse to live in if you decide to pay what greenwood is asking. Don't regret it like I did, it took me a while to get the old moldy smell out of my clothes and furniture after I moved. I hate that place!
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Greenwood Place Apartments

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