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Camden Grove



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/21/2007
I still live here...sitting in my living rm right now. I was the 1st person in this unit. I'm in phase 2 which wasn't even built when I first moved here. These apts are cheaply built. The paint started cracking six months after moving in. The hot water isn't hot. I call the leasing office over & over...Traci says, "We will fix it." But, it isn't fixed. I had to call the owner about the ant infestation b/c no one was doing anything. I have an upstairs unit...it was covered with ants. The downstairs grass area and plants had huge ant hills...the garage even had ants. I finally purchased Terro Bait and Seed for them myself. My door was also jacked up. The knob wouldn't turn; they tell me it is b/c it is cold. Finally, the did fix it...but it took awhile--it took me being unable to get into my place three times. Its like they dismiss complaints too easily. The walls are thin. When I first moved, the ppl below me were loud--they did drugs. I reported and reported. Finally after the cops busted the place a couple of times, they were evicted. I can hear the ppl below me having relations, the person next to me (upstairs) with his stero, etc. I'm not loud, but I'm sure the ppl below me hear me at some point b/c the walls are so thin. If I stand in my garage, I can hear the ppl's phone ring (below me) as if I were in the room...terrible. Don't think about trying to break the lease w/o paying hefty fees. I talked to the owner hoping to get out of paying so much for this place...the answer was pay up or shut up in a nutshell. the makt rate for this place is like $820 but specials usually have them leased at 720 That doesn't include your avg water bill of $14 a month or MLGW utilties of $120 a month (BECAUSE THESE APTS ARE IN THE COUNTY, YOU HAVE TO PAY A MONTHLY FIRE PROTECTION FEE OF $27.50 to MLGW). U do get an alarm for $15 a year. The privacy is good, small, short streets, and garages, but aside from that, nothing else is keeping me here. Every year, they raise the rent...
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Camden Grove

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