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Houston Levee Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/19/2005
Well my husband and I lived there for about 9 months.We moved in August and guess what our air conditioner didn't work! Since we moved in on a Saturday it was tough to get a repair man to come out to fix it but it got done within 5 hours or so. I can't complain too much about the apartment itself except for the HUGE spider problem. If you don't like spiders don't move in here. The tenants are constantly going down hill. A woman moved in on the 3rd floor and she and a friend stand of the stairs and fight or sit in the handicap space right by our living room window and fight and cuss each other out. Our nieghbors above us would play thier music so loud it would rattle our walls. I agree with the other complaint about the dog crap. I am a dog owner and picked up after my dog until people let thier dogs crap right outside our front door and would leave it so I figured why bother. The maintainece staff drives around on thier golf carts and I think thats about it. They hang out in the back of the complex and stare at you. Oh yeah, I haven't mentioned the parking. The parking was great for the first 4 months or so, then it was like good luck. The buildings seemed fairly empty when we moved in. We moved in on the first floor and there was the couple above us and I'm sure some people on the other side of the building... now...the entire building is full and there are many buildings with only 1 or 2 apartments full. Why our building? My husband was backing out and was hit by some woman not paying attention. People don't go the speed limit. Watch your children and your pets! The basketball area had nets when we moved in and a week later were gone and they still haven't replaced them?! Our basketball was stolen off our porch 3 days after moving in. If I were you...I wouldn't spend the money here.
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Houston Levee Apartments

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