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Houston Levee Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/29/2005
I have reviewed the comments on the place in which I reside. Now I know that I do not feel alone. The "management" of our apartments, are a disgrace. We have a low-class "princess", who struts thru the complex, in too tight, too short clothes, who could care less about her tenants safety or well being. However, she is always right, and should be checked for a belly button, as she is not of this world. She is much too busy filling the vacant apartments with drug dealers and thugs, so she will look good to her "boss" for having them all rented out. I read my lease, and it states that no one can live in the apartment, without their name being on the lease. There is an apartment adjacent to hers that is being occupied by over 20 Latinos. This is not only against the lease, but against the Department of Health. Only two people are permited per bedroom, and the max amount of bedrooms in this complex is 3. <br>Whenever someone goes into the office for help, they are treated with the utmost disrespect by both the Manager, Debra, and the Assistant Manager, Josh, who happens to be her Nephew. I do believe that the rudeness runs in the family. The maintenance crew is a joke, however they can do no wrong! Why not hire one of them to patrol the apartments. Instead, we the tenants are paying them for tooling around on their little golf carts.<br>It seems that the good tenants are being run off because of the crime and lack of leadership. Maybe we should all get together, meet, and discuss how we can protect ourselves against the riff-raff that has been allowed to move next door to us, below us, and on top of us. Complaining about it in E-Mails, will not get the job done.<br><br>I am very concerned about the safety of every man,woman, and child, that has to live here.
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Houston Levee Apartments

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