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Lincoln at Wolfchase

2460 Vintage Drive

Cordova, TN 38016



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juskeaton • Resident 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/29/2007
There are a lot of people on this page referring to SHADY characters and broken into cars. Which if ever it happens I am unaware, I happen to park next to a Mercedes a couple of nights a week probably one of the better cars in the entire Apt and never have I seen it with a window knocked out. As far as shady characters, these phantom menaces must never be around when I come home because again, I've never had issue. The true issue in post's like those are issues of certain people thinking people of other cultures don't belong in the same neighborhood or "HOOD" as they do, hey HOT SHOT if you're living so "High on the Hog" where the hell's your Castle. It is one of race and ignorance so if you want my opinion the apartment we (my girlfriend and I) have is nice. However, if you wish to stay here like most places in America you'll have to deal with the occasional black person or worse yet a whole black family (sarcasm). If you can deal with that the rest is a pretty apartment like atmosphere. If not I here North Dakota has some room for ya! <br>Sincerely Keaton on Niblik Pass.<br>
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Lincoln at Wolfchase

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