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Registry at Wolfchase



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/01/2005
We have only lived here at the registry for 2 months and already want to leave.<br><br>We got our keys from the leasing office and went upstairs to our apartment. When we opened the door we were hit by the smell of cigarettes and something else we couldn't quite put our fingers on. It was apparent that someone had been recently smoking in our apartment - which have a non-smoking policy by the way.<br><br>But that wasn't all we could smell. We went into the first bathroom to find that, not only was the toilet full of cigarette butts, toilet paper and human waste, it was also broken and could not be flushed. It was so disgusting it made me gag.<br><br>We called the front office to complain, as you can imagine I was livid. I was so shocked to have them tell me that, because it is a two bedroom apartment they would not repair it until tomorrow. I could understand it if it was just broken - but clean - or if it was one of my family's defecation in there. But to expect us to stay in an apartment with a broken toilet full of a strangers poop - reeking of cigarette smoke and poop is unacceptable. the bathroom was right by the kitchen and living room and it stank the whole house out.<br><br>I called maintenance themselves and they agreed that it wasnt acceptable but still would not come and fix it becuase "they wont pay us to come out same day if you have two toilets"<br><br>So our first impression was terrible and had my wife in tears on what is an already stressful time.<br><br>To add to that the apartments are so noisy. We are woken regularly by the couple next door fighting and the wife accusing him of hitting her. The walls are just that thin.<br><br>The staff are pretty bad too, today i witnessed a member of staff giving my neighbour hell for having a bag of trash on his doorstep. I dont know how they can complain to him about one bag of trash when their is a big dumpster right on the front gate which is always piled high and spilling over with rubbish - it stinks and is so unpleasant to drive past everyday. Also some people fill up their balnconies with rubbish bags as there is only only one place to put it and it is outside the property gate.<br><br>The gate does not work by the way which is a joke.<br><br>There are always dodgy looking characters hanging around, and kids swarm all over the place on bikes, scooters and skateboards not paying attention to traffic. We have almost hit a kind more than once.<br> <br>Its a shame because we actually like the layout of the apartments. However the noise, the horrible staff, the big ugly trash pile out front, the always broken gate and the fact that they do not check to see if the toilets are indeed clean, and the fact that they find it acceptable to have only one full of someone elses fesces, we would not advise you to stay. Luckily we only signed a 6 month lease. We cant wait to go.
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Registry at Wolfchase

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