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dogeye • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/16/2005
I'm 24 and wanted a nice, safe, affordable place for me and my fiance to live in before we move into a house of our own. When we inspected the place prior to moving it, it seemed exceptional for the price. After being here for 3 months, we have quite a few problems, which are seldom attended to by management or are just integral to the quality of the complex itself.<br> Our first day we did not have air conditioning as promised by the leasing office. We have a large leak from our fireplace that was caulked from the chimney and still leaks in heavy rain. We have a large sliding door in the bedroom but no screen door in place. I asked repeatedly to have one put in, with no response.<br>Neighbors are loud, rude, or just obnoxious. My next door neighbor constantly leaves beer bottles right outside my door, along with leaking trash bags that have now stained the stairs with a purple goo. He has "room mates" in a 2 bedroom apartment and frequently has 5-8 people drinking and smoking outside my door talking loudly at all hours of the night. I typically don't mind noise or people in general but these guys are obnoxious kids.<br>I have seen a total of 2 people use the gate card to gain access, the rest tailgate to get in through the exit side or follow you through impatiently. Tight parking spaces don't help matters. Childen/teens with attitudes walking late at night looking for trouble or making-out in plain view. There is a complete lack of security here. There is only one place to drop off trash (a small compactor) otherwise you have to pay a fee to have an outside trash can.<br>The exercise room (which is one of the good things) is frequented by children who are specifically by notice, not allowed inside, playing on the equipment.<br>The few good things the aparment does have; low rent, exercise facility with raquetball courts, pools, friendly staff (not as helpful as I would like).
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