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Walnut Hill Apartments

8920 Walnut Grove Road

Cordova, TN 38018



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/05/2007
We lived at Walnut Hill apts for over 2 years. The major complaint that I have is about how they charged us a TON of money after we moved out. The charges ranged from carpet cleaning (we had already paid a non-refundable deposit to get the apt cleaned when we first moved in!), blind replacement, kitchen cleaning, cabinets cleaning, oven cleaning, microwave cleaning - Yes all SEPARATE charges - and entry-gate remotes. When we first leased the apt, it was leased out by Sunshine and their policy was that the resident had to BUY the remotes. Obviously once you buy something and pay for it, you don't have to return it. But Ledic Mgt said otherwise. So in effect, you are buying the remote when you get in, then you return it when you leave, so they can sell it again???? And if you don't return it, they will charge you for it. So be very careful before signing that lease. <br><br>We had also asked if we could fix some of the stuff ourselves - like the blind, carpet stains etc. But they said NO. We had to pay whatever amount they charged us or they would send us to collections. <br><br>Also make sure that after you sign the lease, you get the copies of the lease at the same time. In our case, Sunshine had said they would make the copies and I could pick them up later. I did that and did not go through the whole lease again. Guess what, after we left the apts, Ledic said that one of the lease documents showed that we had 2 gate-remotes listed on it - which was added AFTER we signed the lease. And we were asked to pay for that as well.
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Walnut Hill Apartments

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