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Ashton Brook



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/18/2005
The apartment is marketed and priced as a "luxury" apartment but it was sub-standard. I maitained a household in another state while I rented at Alara Brook so I was able to somehow bear with it till my lease ended but it was an extremely painful experience. <br><br>The lock at the door would shake and it would appear as if it was about to fall off (two maintenance complaints result in no improvement), the toilet in the main bedroom also shakes a bit at if is placed on top of uneven ground or not fastened correctly to the ground (4 complaints resulted in no changes). I was literally scared to use the toilet so I used the guest bathroom. Unfortuantely, that toilet had a leakage problem because the ball was attached with a corroded rod and it took five complaints over three months for them to replace it. Think of it--a luxury apartment where one your toilet is leaking and the other is shaking, and you just came back home at 10 PM from a week long business trip. <br><br>The only "luxury" I noticed was that the office is staffed by fashionably dressed, pretty looking sales reps but a pretty face in the office does not help much when you come back from a long business trip and your toilet is leaking.<br><br>The parking was inadequate and I had to park to the other end of the complex after a long day at work. <br><br>To add insult to injury, once I left they forfeited my deposit with absolutely NO explanation AND send me a bill for hundreds of dollars for "damages". <br><br>The explanation for so called damages was a long list of exhorbitant "cleaning" charges which was strange since I was using an excellent cleaning service which professionally clean the apartment every week. As I noted earlier, I maintained a home in another state where my family lived so I was using this apartment only sparingly. (I am an executive and I was working from two locations). <br><br>The exhorbitant cleaning chages included $50 for cleaning a bath room, $26 to clean the patio (which I had washed before moving out), $40 for cleaning the kitchen, $25 to clean the refrigerator, (why is refrigerator cleaning any separate than kitchen cleaning?) and ad nuaseum. <br><br>I have filed a complaint with Tennessee department of Consumer Affairs and with state attorny general. I would strongly recommend that you stay away from Alara Brook!!
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Ashton Brook

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