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Grove at Shadow Green

2000 Toll House Circle

Franklin, TN 37064



Resident · 2018
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Office Staff
It was wonderful at first, free vacuums, a gorgeous view of the Franklin hills, a garden, a lounge, pool, etc. While the manager, Bridgette, was wonderful and always tried her best to help, my time here just didn't warrant 5 stars, or even 4. I'm not sure if it was just because I was on the top (3rd) floor and they had previously had an issue with this, but no matter the weather, winter or summer, not a single day went by that I did have to kill a silverfish. On the walls, ceilings, in my flatware drawers, clothing drawers, anywhere. At times I found it hard to sleep, sometimes waking up to one right above my bed or next to my bed on the floor. Occasionally I would find earwigs. I understand that GSG is very close to the woods, but after numerous maintenance requests, you'd think they'd do more than just a baseboard spray. My final written complaint was treated with a "dusting". I moved all of my furniture from the walls and they came in and "dusted". To no avail, they were back within the next day. I finally stopped even requesting maintenance after feeling like the "crazy bug lady". It continued up until my last day. The whole 13 months that I was there they never changed out the non-working bulb in the back which my, along with others, cars are parked, even after mentioning it twice. Sometimes there was a horrible stench, so I wouldn't sit on my wonderful porch. Sometimes the trash company wouldn't get my trash even though it was there at the designated time & spot. Nice community but the little things add up. Kind of pricey as well. Also, I don't think there was a single 90 degree angle in that apartment unit I was in. So many shortcuts like paint on the sides of the counter tops and crooked/slanted walls. Very weird. It's backed up right next to a factory too. Could be noisy at times.
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Grove at Shadow Green

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