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The Everly at Historic Franklin Apartments



Resident · 2016 - 2018
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Office Staff
Having lived in apartment communities and neighborhoods across the country, I've experienced the good and bad that comes with having neighbors, and I can say that I've not found a better community in which to live. Over the last two and a half years, I've seen the area and the property change and grow, the name of the complex change, and the staff turn over as people moved on or were promoted, but every person who has come in has shared a commitment to serving everyone in the community, and making sure that each resident's experience was the best it could be. We make compromises when we choose a place to live - on a farm, you have solitude and quiet, but you're far from stores and amenities, and have to fix anything that breaks. In an apartment, you have on-call maintenance for emergencies, a pool that someone else maintains (very well) and are close to everything, but you have other people (and their unique personalities) living all around you. The staff here is incredibly good at handling a diverse pool of residents, understanding that you can't please everyone all of the time, but you can always find compromise among reasonable people. Is there noise? Of course - we live close to our neighbors, and next to a major shopping area with a train in between, but the noise level isn't constant, and no matter where you live, things go "bump" in the night. Maintenance is incredibly attentive, personable, and competent, if overworked from time-to-time, but is always there in an emergency, and they respond as quickly as possible to everyday requests. (You need only look at the number of people on staff versus the number of residents to understand the enormity of their task, and the efficiency with which they execute it.) To a one, the office staff has been friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, reasonable, willing to listen, take action when necessary, and committed to the well-being of every resident, especially as it pertains to the greater good of the community. My experience has been that they bend over backward for anyone who asks, no matter how full their plate may be, and are incredibly patient and graceful when dealing with the myriad of people, personalities and challenges that they face every day. They're also people who go the extra mile, even putting on events and mixers to encourage residents to get to know each other, and to support local businesses. My apartment is well appointed and comfortable, the area is a wonderful one in which to live, and the people that live here are as friendly, kind, and as easy to get along with as anywhere I've lived. I searched about a 20 mile radius when choosing a place to live, and chose this place. I've had opportunities to move, even to a rental home, but have stayed here because of the location, staff, and community. If I were to start my over again, I would choose the property now known as the Everly again.
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Thank you very much for your feedback. We value our residents and community and take pride in providing a great place to live. Your positive comments mean a great deal to us because we truly strive to have loyal residents. Thanks again!

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The Everly at Historic Franklin Apartments

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