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The Madison Franklin

801 Del Rio Pike

Franklin, TN 37064



Resident · 2015
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Office Staff
The Meadowview apartments are infested with roaches and bed bugs, and the townhouses are full of spiders and black mold. Every unit is in some state of disrepair. The carpets are absolutely filthy, the walls bleed nicotine, only half the appliances work, there are persistent leaks, the HVAC systems are full of mold and spit dust everywhere, there are foundation problems that cause cracks in walls and doors that stick or won't close at all, it smells sour when it rains, and the property manager--Queeny--doesn't care about any of it. She's rude and unreachable unless rent is due or you've made her mad (and then you can expect to get harassed at home and at work about it). You'll have to do 98% of repairs yourself because, even if, by some miracle, you can get Queeny to agree to fix something, maintenance's idea of fixing it will just involve duct tape and hope. And the property itself isn't any better than the units. Parking is a nightmare. There's always abandoned mattresses and furniture by dumpsters (re: bed bugs) and trash littering the ground. There's an ever-growing assortment of stray cats. No one picks up after their dogs. The playground is unsafe. The pool area smells like urine. Queeny ignores complaints about people she likes and it's just too bad if you live by one of them who likes to party at 3am on a Wednesday. Lawn and patio areas are constantly overgrown. Anything/everything you put on your patio will get stolen. Outdoor light bulbs are never changed by maintenance--hope you have a neighbor with a ladder. And background checks are pretty much non-existent so it's not uncommon for your neighbors to turn out to be child molesters or rapists. None of the reviews about this place are an exaggeration. Meadowview is an actual nightmare.
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The Madison Franklin

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