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The Madison Franklin

801 Del Rio Pike

Franklin, TN 37064



Resident · 2020
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
I lived here from Jan 2019 to March 2020 and let me tell you, it. was. awful. To start, the renovations look nice from a distance but up close, they couldn't have done a worse job. The interior paint colors are a gross greenish gray and is of terrible quality. You barely run your finger against it and it comes off. Second, the buildings themselves are old and were in terrible condition. They took no effort in smoothing things out prior to painting. They didn't even clean prior to painting. There are dust bunnies inside the paint, there were Q-tips in the bathroom closet that were just painted over, the walls and trim look like they were beaten with a crowbar prior to painting, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. I will be including pictures. Next thing on the list is the bug problem. Never in my life have I experienced a problem like this. I can handle a couple of bugs here and there but during the warmer months, it's constant. Yes, they come spray every so often but the problem was that they couldn't figure out where they were coming in. I was vacuuming up the large cockroaches, wolf spiders, regular spiders, ants, etc DAILY. It was a nightmare. I don't think they took into account how old these building were and they literally just slapped some paint and new flooring and countertops in there without actually looking deep in the walls and such to fix what has deteriorated over the years. Another issue is the trash. They can't seem to get that under control. We had dumpsters to start and they weren't ever emptied on a regular basis. The trash would pile up outside of them and it was clear that animals were rummaging through them because you'd wake up and trash would be scattered. Then they removed those and put in a trash compactor. Well, that didn't help. There's constantly a big nasty pile coming from that too. Lastly, I had a neighbor move in next door for the last few months I was living there. They do allow smoking within the units but the problem is that the units are unable to contain the smell so it filters through the air vents and makes your home smell like they were smoking in your living room. I began complaining immediately. They "addressed it". Continued to be an issue, they "addressed it". I continued to complain, they "addressed it". Finally, it just became a joke to them and they quit "addressing it". The man was clearly breaking his lease by allowing the odor from his apartment to overtake mine and they still wouldn't put a stop to it. The staff are sweet but if you need anything done, don't count on it. I had to tolerate my home smelling severely like an ashtray for the last 4 months I lived there and it was disgusting. Not to mention the criminal activity that's going on in the place. The cops have been called a few times to increase surveillance in there. They obviously don't vet their residents prior to allowing them to live there. I woke up one night and there were 4 cop cars outside my door due to a domestic violence dispute a few doors down involving children. There were robberies, I let my dog out around 11pm one night and a naked girl and half dressed man ran across my lawn, my neighbor had a constant revolving door of people in and out of his home at all hours of the night, I would wake up a few times a week to people pounding on his door and yelling at 2-3am. This place is a nightmare and I HIGHLY recommend not choosing this place as your home. The location is prime but the living experience is the worst I've ever had in my 30+ years living on this earth.
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The Madison Franklin

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