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Hickory Run Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/20/2005
Where to begin.....<br>Unfortunatly I have had the opportunity to live at Hickory Run for more than 5 years and have expirienced it all. The first year wasn't too bad aside from the fighting neighbors and the fight for a decent park, not a mile away or in the grass. The second year now that's a different story We had a MAJOR leak in the bedroom that caused the concrete sub floor to deteriorate. you could hear the water flowing down the wall behind the drywall as if there were a built in waterfall. Maintanence was called and of course came while no one was home. We had a note on the counter that they found no evidence of a leak. This was the first of many incompetent maintenance issues. We complained NUMOROUS times about the air conditioning unit leaking after many times of "fixing" the problem it leaked onto the hot water heather and caught fire. Fortunately we were home, we emergency called maintenance as it was 9:00 PM on Sunday. He finally showed up at 1:30 AM Monday Morning. We placed a routine maintenance order for a floresent light to be replaced in the kitchen and the closet, we were advised they no longer supplied those. After many attempts they appeared with the bulbs. On our 3rd year they decided to go up on our rent, we complained and they left it, until the next year of course. We moved into a different apartment earlier this year we have had nothing but issues. Parking, Bugs, Trash overflow, Leaks(still not fixed) Mold, outragious water and electric bills. When moving from one unit to another we received a bill for almost $200.00. The itemized, Removal of staples(around one window), Painting, and Removal of a small dead plant. It seems obvious to me that one tenent moves out and another in painting is part of the clean-up. In order to move into the second apartment we had to fix many kitchen drawers and cabinants that they claim are no longer made, completely spot the drywall throughout the entire apartment due to cracks, not to mention they painted over wallpaper in the bathroom. Let's not mention the many occasions of rudeness from the office staff. We are moving out later this month due to a transfer the bill, $2600.00, which doesn't include the extras they will add after the fact. <br>This is only a few of the MANY issues. I highly reccommend you look elsewhere.
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Hickory Run Apartments

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