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Hickory Run Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/27/2007
I've seen several reports in here about Hickory Run apartments and I figured I'd write a somewhat more articulate one myself. I promise not to replace the word "you" with "u".<br><br>My husband and I moved to TN from Pennsylvania in 2004 and originally moved into an apartment in Antioch, TN. We were new to the area and didn't know how bad Antioch was, so before our lease was up there, we began searching the Hendersonville area. <br><br>Hickory Run was the last place we stopped at, and we really only stopped there on a whim. As we pulled up, we knew there was no way we could afford the place.<br><br>We were greeted by an incredibly friendly staff member named Pamela who showed us a model, and in May of 2005, we moved in.<br><br>For the first year, I have absolutely no complaints. If we needed something fixed, it was done within hours, it was quiet, and the grounds were kept tidy (a tad too tidy as the lawnmower/leaf blower was going at least twice a week)<br><br>In the fall of 2006 however, THEY moved in. People living above us who have made our lives a living hell and are prompting us to move. Constant thumping stereo, when they watch tv you can hear every word being spoken, and I don't believe this is an issue of how the building is made. These were the 3rd people who had lived above us since 2005 and they were the first people we heard.<br><br>About the same time as they moved in, I noticed the apartment complex itself starting to take a nose-dive in the way it looked. It was as if the ghosts of Antioch were following us to the classier Hendersonville suburbs. <br><br>I hope that the staff of HR can get this under control, because other than the noise (which is coming from more and more units, as if they are becoming too lenient on who they allow to live there) its a beautiful complex. I have recommended this apartment complex to friends (who did move in) and I would recommend it again, but only if they can get rid of the scum that are infiltrating this otherwise clean and comfortable complex.<br><br>The only other complaint is that each year the rent rises, and not by 5 or 10 dollars but between 20-50 dollars a month. It's a tad high for a home you're already living in.
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Hickory Run Apartments

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