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clrctl23 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 04/09/2007
I would have to say that the apartment is nice and the staff caters to your every need...if you are elderly. My fiance and I, are a young quiet couple. We both work and I am a full time student and he is a part time student. We are not the partying type but we do however have different schedules that we couldn't fit into the "crosscreek" way of life. For example, no vacuuming, running the dishwasher, or washing machine after 8pm, this was a problem considering we have such busy schedules and it seemed to bother the elderly couple below us. We tried every way possible to fix the problem, and I even stopped vacuuming altogether unless absolutely necessary because I didn't have time to do it before 8pm. However, the couple began to complain at every little noise they heard, and blamed it on us (not considering the two young girls that just moved in 4 months after we did that lived right across hall that had men visiting at all hours of the night) and eventually we were handed our 30 day notice. Yet, we were offered another apartment in another building from the manager, which was nice, but its not fair to us to be uprooted, having to move all of our belongings in 30 days under the stress of school and work, because the elderly couple couldn't deal with true apartment life. Another thing, the elderly people had lived in their apartment for 15 years, which is understandable for us having to move, but the manager lived here all by herself before us (in this exact apartment) for the past 15 years as well, so the elderly couple was use to not hearing a peep from upstairs. I feel that we were treated unfairly because we were stereotyped for being young, and automatically all of the noise was pointed toward us. Therefore, I would recommend this place to the elderly, but not to young couples because any bit of noise appears to get blamed on them. We were complained on one night for loud noise, but we had stayed at my grandmother's house that night! And on another occasion, at 12pm during the day, we were called and told to turn our music down. Oddly enough, we had worked late the night before, and were still in bed at 12pm when this "music" was blaring. We cannot explain this accusation but we know for a fact that it couldn't have been us. All we can do is move on with our lives and try to settle down somewhere else. Crosscreek is a nice place and we have enjoyed our short time here. After we get moved out, maybe the elderly tenants will realize that we weren't the ONLY young people upstairs and we obviously weren't the ones causing problems. <br><br>NOTE: young people with hectic schedules moving in...request the 1st level, that way your lifestyle doesn't affect the elderly people around you
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