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Gateway at Knoxville



Resident · 2014 - 2015
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Office Staff
When I first moved here with my friends, it seemed like we'd hit the jackpot. A good sized, nice apartment with cheap rent and good amenities. There's a gym, a pool, and a clubhouse with half a dozen computers with free printing (if you provide paper). Not only that, but there was always parking! Everything changed when the Roaches came. Coincidentally, it was around the same time our neighbors (both above us and with a shared wall) decided to move in. First, we started seeing roaches everywhere. Then, our fridge continually failed (all our stuff went bad twice before it was fixed), then our freezer started leaking water into our fridge (they've fixed it 4,5 times and we've just started to deal.) The place smells like marijuana 24/7, which makes me nauseous as I don't smoke. The noise- at first, it wasn't bad because the neighbors only partied on weekends. Everything changed when my neighbor got a girlfriend....you know exactly what I mean. I can even hear casual conversations through the walls. The speed bumps will kill your car. The dumpsters are an inconvenient walk. The roaches will not stop coming no matter how many times they "Spray" for them ( we bought our own traps and they at least keep them to only seeing one every couple weeks now). The management and employees are rude and not helpful whatsoever. Things keep breaking. The fire alarm randomly went off one night, and no firetrucks were alerted. Had there been a real fire, the entire thing would have burned down. Overall, live hear if you have a bug fetish, are deaf, hate polite people, and feel like marijuana is the greatest smell on earth. Otherwise, you get what you pay for. While it's not a complete nightmare (I've made it work thanks to great roomates), I started looking for where I would live next year in mid September. I moved in in mid-august. Lastly, I want to be clear- I never review anything. I don't even yelp. I made an account specifically so I could warn away anyone who wants to live here- do everything you can not to. That being said, if you have no other options you can make it work with effort and patience.
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Gateway at Knoxville

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