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Gateway at Knoxville



Resident · 2012 - 2015
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Office Staff
I lived at Gateway for 3 years. The front gate has worked maybe 30 days out of the 3 years that I've been here. The first year, I lived in building 15 on the third floor. If you're going to live at Gateway, it's worth paying $10 more each month for the third floor because you don't have to hear people moving around above you. The "hardwood floors" are actually some sort of laminate. It's not actually hardwood. The second year that I lived here, I was in building 14 (new roommates). Located right next to the dumpster, you can smell the stench every evening when it's humid. The wifi sucked in this building. Be prepared to disconnect and reconnect at least 8 times a day. Also, there are some huge, fat raccoons that feed off of the trash in the dumpster. You will run into them multiple times. The tree outside of building 14 populated hundreds of stink bugs. My roommates sprayed our front door and balcony all over with Raid. Thus, we walked through a field of dead stink bugs daily to get to our apartment. This year, management tried to say that we owed them in overages over the summer (they did so via a paper notification attached outside our front door). We went to the main office to discuss why we owed money. When we got there, the manager went through the system and said that we actually didn't owe any money. Our payments just haven't gone through the system fully yet. This was the first time that Gateway tried to steal money from us, hoping that we'd pay the charges without questioning them. Also, we had issues with fleas, gnats, and cockroaches. My third year (this current year), I lived in building 10, a 2br building. Even though I was close to the main office, the wifi also sucked. Xbox live disconnected all the time. Watching Netflix on the xbox was always a fail. Being so close to the pool and volleyball court sucked. During finals and all of summer, you hear everybody. You hear the loud music playing 24/7 (literally) and the people shouting and laughing(especially the drunks). This year, they tried to charge my friend $118 for paying rent late for three months. When he went to talk to them, his checks proved that he paid on time every month. They made it sound like it was a huge inconvenience for them and that they were doing HIM a favor for dropping his charges. They also tried to charge residents (including me) in multiple buildings $100 in overages online. This was a technical error that they never announced -- they only informed residents about the technical glitch when residents asked about it. So if you just paid it without questioning them, you just gave management a bunch of free money. With the new management recently, it's sucked and I don't trust them not to try to take even more advantage of me, which is mainly why I'm moving to a different apartment complex. Overall, the complex is fine if you're looking for cheap housing. It's not good/great. The gate is a joke. Management doesn't notify you when there's a shooting at the complex. It takes the fire department 45 minutes (literally, we timed it) on two separate occasions to respond to a fire alarm pulled. Management will try to get away with charging you extra fees. Maintenance is cool though -- they respond quickly and are friendly.
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Thank you for taking the time out of your day to give us feedback. I would like to apologize to you if you feel that you have had a less than desirable experience while residing at Gateway. Please take the time to stop by the office or if you would like you can call me at 865-577-8700 or email me at [email protected]

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Gateway at Knoxville

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