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Quarry Trail



Resident · 2016 - 2017
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Office Staff
ONLY WORTH IT IF YOU GET SUB-550 PRICING BUT GETTING VASTLY MORE EXPENSIVE EVERY YEAR! Management makes all the perks not worth it. Everything was okay until mid-lease.They sent promos about getting the same price as you are currently paying if renewed by a certain date. I went to renew before this date and they changed the story, offered higher pricing instead of what they had claimed in writing on promos. Gave me the run-around when I questioned it. I started talking to people about it and turns out it they're known to pull BS like this. People literally sort of expect it when they move in. Also after-hours phone system is awful; 5 min wait before listing options for redirecting call, and you leave a message for the emergency officer and don't actually talk. Awful system for if you need help ASAP but it's not 911-level EG if bathroom floods. TIPS: Write down any direct phone #s they give you bc they are NOWHERE on the website, which I consider irresponsible. Also know that they charge for parking, which they did not verbally state. So I guess just make sure to read. Other than management it's about average, but I wouldn't risk living here. Definitely don't unless you snag rent at >550 somehow and even then I'd look other places. I've heard Gateway that just got renovated to University Park (Not UWalk) is really nice and affordable since it is new.
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Quarry Trail

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