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Steeplechase Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/12/2005
Well I've lived here almost 2 months and must say- it is the best place I've lived yet in Knoxville. Sure it's older place but you know that coming into it and besides it gives it character. I've NEVER seen drug deals going on or any crime like some claim- in fact I've left my car and apt unlocked by accident quite a few times and never had any problems. I go for walks/runs pretty late at night and I feel very safe & have never had a problem. The mgmt isnt the greatest but compared to where I used to live they aren't bad. My biggest and ONLY complaint is- if you live on the bottom floor it SUCKS...it literally sounds like the person above you is going to come through the ceiling- its been so bad as to wake me up before. This is the first time in 2 months that I've had someone living above me so I'm hoping to get used to it but it is VERY obnoxious as of right now. Overall, I highly recommend this place!!!
Steeplechase Apartments Manager09/10/2014

We value every feedback we receive and appreciate the post. We took over this property in 2014 and hope that the past issues are no longer issues. Our staff works very hard to provide the best customer service and ensure our residents have a pleasant and positive experience while living at our property. We have undergone some renovations and upgraded the units to make Steeplechase a better choice for your next home!

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Steeplechase Apartments

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