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The Henley Apartments

200 Highwood Court

Knoxville, TN 37920



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Recommended
Reviewed 04/16/2012
The place is alright. A pretty good location, but it would be better if the Henley street bridge were still open. The population here is a pretty good mix of students, families, and a few older folks. When I first moved here I absolutely loved it, but since then we've gotten new management and things are starting to go downhill. For instance, a couple of months ago we got a notice on the door saying that we had to clear the porches for cleaning and repainting of the railings that would be done within a week. It never happened. I asked the office about it, and they told me it had already been done, but then immediately contradicted themselves by saying they were "putting it off" due to weather (even though the weather has been wonderful) and the fact that they hadn't payed the cleaning people yet. So they put me on some sort of list (a post-it note) which I doubt actually means anything. Then, two weeks ago we received a notice saying that our water may be shut off any time between 9am-3pm that week only, and that we would get a second notice about which day our specific building would be affected. Two weeks later, it's 5 pm and my water is off with no prior notice. Maintenance is nice but sometimes a little slow. I called one day because my window was jammed open and it was about to storm. By the time all my things were getting wet I decided to try to fix it myself. After about twenty minutes and nearly breaking my finger, I managed to fix it. Four days later maintenance shows up wondering why my window isn't jammed open. We recently had maintenance come to fix some broken bathroom drawers, and the drawers immediately broke again the day after supposedly being fixed. I hate to complain so much about the staff here because they are all super nice, but the truth is that since the old manager has left, things are just not getting done the way they should be. The apartments have a nice layout, but they seem somewhat overpriced. Rent for the small 2-bedroom is $735 without water, utilities, or cable. The pet fee is a whopping $350 PER PET, which is a little outrageous in my opinion. I'm pretty sure a majority of the tenants don't bother to clean up their dog poop because it is everywhere. The doors and windows are not insulated very well and thus the energy bill in the winter and the summer can get up to $180. When I moved here, the lady in the office told me it probably wouldn't be more than about $80 any given month, which was a complete lie. I'm extremely diligent about trying to save money on my energy bill, so it's definitely not because I'm being wasteful. The wood-burning fireplace is great, but it doesn't actually warm the apartment past maybe a six-foot radius. I have to say that the larger pool at the top of the hill is probably one of the nicest apartment pools in Knoxville. The fact that we have a fitness center is pretty great, but the place is poorly maintained. Only one of the two treadmills works, there is mud all over the floors, cob webs everywhere, the water fountain does not work, and some of the machines are rusting and do not move smoothly at all. It also gets really hot in there since the air is never turned on, and the ceiling fans are too high up to reach the cords to turn them on. I'm almost 6 feet tall and couldn't even reach it when standing on top of a machine. All in all, I really like this place, I just think the management needs improvement. I'm hoping that the reason for my recent issues here is simply the fact that the manager left and that the new one hasn't quite had the chance to get everything in order. I'm still debating whether or not to renew my lease, and I'm currently leaning toward not renewing and moving somewhere else. Honestly though, Woodmeade South is still better than the other apartments I've rented in Knoxville.
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The Henley Apartments

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