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Woodlands of Knoxville



Resident · 2015 - 2016
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Office Staff
ahh.. where do I begin. First of all, all of those reviews about the clubhouse and prizes and whatever are by people who work there and dont let anyone tell you otherwise lol. just look them up for yourself on fb. Living in the Woodlands was one of the worst choices I ever made. First off they charge you to print here and its not even nice. The weight room is disgusting and they dont have cleaner to wipe down any of the machines, all of the dumbbellls are missing, and the "5" pools are community pools because everyone in south knoxville goes there so if you pay to live there and want to swim then sucks for you. They allowed someone with felony charges to move into our apartment. It was INFESTED with roaches. After contacting our landlord multiple times we ended up buying almost 50$ of roach killer, never reimbursed. Repeatedly asked for screens to be put into our windows, never happened during our 12 month lease. They tore out our floors and left for two weeks, moved the fridge in front of the pantry and disappeared for three more days, we couldn't cook had to eat out. They told us to basically get f-ed. Expected us to move furniture so floors could be replace, we aren't a moving crew, and then after cleaning all four of us were charged 300$ in move out fees. After 4 different apartments I have never had to pay fees like this to move out. They would show up randomly on the weekends and begin to give tours of our apartment with 20 minutes notice. I have never experience such unprofessionalism, disrespect, and disregard for tenants. If you have to move in here do not go through craigslist cause private owners do not give a crap about you all they want is your money for the most horrible living experience. If I could give less stars I would. Go to the Heights it so much better I should have never left. I kick myself everytime I think about me signing a lease here. Also our carpet was infested with flees so good luck to you and your pets. Also not resolved by anyone
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Woodlands of Knoxville

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