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Woodlands of Knoxville



Resident · 2015 - 2017
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
This place is completely the worst. The houses are pretty nice, but the staff and the way it is run is horrid. I have even reported them to the BBB. Theresa is rude and unprofessional and very sarcastic on the phone. The apartment was FILTHY upon moving in in 2015 and there was even a bong (drug paraphernalia) in the utility closet. The carpets were filthy and full of paint drips. My carpet reaked of urine and smoke. Upon telling the staff this, they immediately hired a sub-par cleaning crew that barely did anything, brought their kids to the job site, and smoked cigarettes in the apartment. Flash Forward to the end of 2017. In late December, I received a collections notice for "extra pet damages to carpet". So basically, they wanted me to pay for them to replace the carpet that they didn't want to pay to fix themselves. NOT ONLY THAT, but i paid a $300 pet fee AND $25/month while living there for pet damages, so there was no reason for this. The dog never urinated or pooped in the house. They also sent the bill to my guarantor's house (4 months after moving out) because they were too disorganized to keep up with my new forwarding address. The above issues are horrible, but they also like to hold on to money for way too long. Several of my friends went 2-3 months without receiving their security deposits back and were lied to on the phone about them being sent out. The leasing agents are college students that have no idea how a business works and they have no idea how to handle a complaint. Not to mention the fact that my roof in my kitchen leaked, causing the lighting in the kitchen to blow, making us not be able to use our kitchen the last month there. I HIGHLY suggest you look into moving somewhere that cares about good business practice. Maybe try a cardboard box under a highway. That way, at least you know the management in the office isn't going to try to bill you for their own mistakes. If you are wondering what happened with my fee they tried to charge, I paid it. A $89 fee is not worth me taking them to small claims court or damaging my credit.
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Woodlands of Knoxville

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