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Woodlands West



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merchantman • Resident 2001 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/04/2002
After reading these reviews, and having lived at Woodlands West, I would advise any prospective tenant to look very closely at details if they plan on living at Woodlands West. My experience there was horrific. Maintenance responses are terrible. It takes days, if not weeks for them to address issues, if they address them at all. One tenant had to call the Knoxville County building code inspector to get her problems resolved after months of repeated requests. When maintenance arrived with the inspector, they treated her rudely and even went as far as screaming at her over their neglect stating, “If she wasn’t happy there, to move”. The city inspector did give them a work list of items they needed to repair. Apparently water leaking from an above floor pipe had soaked a ceiling tile and left it moldy/corroded. Rather than replacing the tile, they took it out on the sidewalk and spray-painted it. The last I have heard maintenance still has not fixed everything the inspector ordered them to fix. You can still see the spots on the sidewalk on building 16 where they spray-painted the tile. My experiences have been equally bad. It took them a month to fix a simple water leak. They never fixed water leaking into my bedroom window. (One of the reasons I broke my lease and left) I considered my old apartment at Woodlands West a health hazard. Some of the previous posts about the quality of service from maintenance are either from extremely lucky people or fabrications. Probably not all of the apartments at Woodlands West are bad. If you luck out and catch one that hasn’t been abused by past tenants or suffered from decay, and are lucky enough to never have any major problems, you are in good shape. Visit the apartment you will take before you sign a lease. Likewise do a VERY thorough inspection of the apartment before you take it. Look inside the air conditioner; look under the bathroom carpet and under all the sinks. Look and smell for signs of decay/dampness/mildew. The doors and windows are not energy efficient. Even with layers of heavy blinds on all windows, and diverting all heat to the master bedroom during the evenings, we still endured $150 electric bills and never got the living quarters above 70 degrees. To give you an idea of how much heat escapes between apartments, the person on top of me paid $35 the same month. These amounts are based on readings, not estimates. Woodlands West is the only complex I have seen in West Knoxville that has one garbage container. It is not uncommon for it to fill up and have mounds of trash being extending as far as 10-15 feet away from the garbage bin, and be 15-20 feet wide and be piled 8-10 feet high. The stench during and after they remove the trash was nauseating. It wasn’t uncommon for the sidewalk leading up to the garbage bin to be covered with rotten refuse, where they didn’t bother to wash it away once they removed the bulk of the garbage. If you live at Woodlands West, or considering moving there, think twice. Personally, I would not recommend it. Just imagine if you, or someone you cared for had to endure such problems as these, or worse?
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Woodlands West

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