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Dupont Avenue Apartments

601 Dupont Avenue

Madison, TN 37115



Resident · 2014 - 2015
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I've been a resident for a year in the A building... Price: I currently pay $680 for a month to month lease - I moved in on a 12 month lease at a rate of $620...my friend lives around the corner and pays $450 for completely renovated unit with washer and dryer connection water, sewer, trash, included and it is not a low income housing project, so it is a bit pricey compared to other 1 bedroom units in the area... Size: This is a 1 bed/1 bath unit complex, the units are small probably a little over 500 sqft, perfect for one person, but definitely not enough space for 2 people. The units are more like efficiency/studio units with a wall in the middle. Renovations: None except the vinyl wood flooring, which I don't recommend. At first it seemed like a nice upgrade, but heavy furniture or heavy traffic doesn't work well with the vinyl it either puts a dent in it or tears up the vinyl. Central AC/Heat: NONE, you get an efficiency unit with a hole in the wall which is supposed to help provide circulation but it really doesn't. So be prepared to have a higher than normal electricity bill to accommodate the lack of circulation a central AC/Heat unit would provide. Insulation: Very poor, but what you would expect for an apartment built over half a century ago. You can smell every strong odor from your neighbors unit, so if you don't smoke and are sensitive to strong odors then you will be very unhappy on a daily basis and I highly recommend you look elsewhere. Past neighbors in the A building would complain the upstairs hall always smelled of either cigarette smoke or marijuana. I live in a bottom unit and when I first moved in I was severely disappointed in the smell of my unit and management tried everything possible to rid the unit of the cigarette smoke smell from the previous owner - however it always has a stinch of an ashtray and for many months I would wake up with a headache and nausea due to the odor of my neighbors smoking habits. Bathroom Ventilation: Very poor, inadequate really, the fans in the bathrooms are the original fans and go out from time to time. Also the lack of proper ventilation creates an odd yellow condensation on the paint (which, unfortunately, is about the same color as urine) that drips down the walls. Oh and be prepared to smell any and everything from your neighbors bathroom if your in a bottom unit. Plumbing: Is good except the toilet pressure is weak so you might have to flush a few times and invest in plunger. Water heater is adjustable so you can regulate the water temp in your apartment without having to call maintenance. Noise: The apartment complex was built in the late 60's and there has been no changes to the basic infrastructure so your insulation is pretty much dead - you can hear every conversation, tv, radio, pretty much anything above a whisper, but the grounds stay quiet for the most part. Grounds: Pretty well kept, but I really wish the landscaping wasn't there, all of the landscaping from the grass to the bushes attract spiders, ants and silvefish and you will come across many in your unit especially if you are on the bottom. Good thing is management will have pest control come out and spray your unit at no cost to you if they become excessive. Parking: Horrible at least for the A building. There is no alternate parking for guests or residents. To me, this is one of many challenges living here, particularly around the weekend or holidays when you plan on having friends or family over. Safety: It's pretty safe - there's no security officer, but Madison police usually comes within 30 minutes of a call even though their precinct is 5 minutes away. I've only had one issue where someone tried to break into my car. You'll get solicitors every now and then, maybe about every other month someone will come knocking on your door for some cause, but for the most part it is pretty safe. Neighborhood: Location is great, you can pretty much take a walk or a quick drive to the grocery store, gas station, park, theater, mall and it's right off the bus route. Maintenance: Great, I've had a few issues which were fixed promptly. Laundry Facility: You get no washer or dryer in your unit and there is no opportunity for a washer or dryer connection. However there is a laundry facility. It is clean, but bring your own detergent and softener - the vending machines are for drinks only, reasonably priced, you can wash and dry a load for a little under $3.00, and they even have a little cart in case you forget your basket. Management: Great, management has always been prompt with every maintenance request and communicates any changes or issues that affect residents in writing. Professional and courteous. Payment Options: I always write a check. It would be nice if they took debit/credit cards, but at least there is a night drop box. Pets: Allowed, and there isn't a lot of them, but it would be nice if the people who do own them cleaned up after them and kept them on a leash at all times. Grill: Grill area is pretty nice. Only caveat is that it is all the way in the back of the complex.
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Dupont Avenue Apartments Manager


Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. I am sorry for the delayed response. We're in the process of updating our entire community: one building is completely renovated with premium interior features - stainless-front appliances; new cabinets; new countertops; and upgraded light fixtures. We intend to fully renovate every apartment in our community by this time next year. We've also added an online payment system - residents can pay with a credit card, debit card or a bank draft. We still have the dropbox and continue to take personal checks and cashier's checks.

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Dupont Avenue Apartments

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