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Azur Tower



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/10/2007
I have lived in the Pinnacle for year now and cannot wait another week before my lease is up. A following is an incomplete list of all my frustrations with the building:<br><br>1. My apartment key has been lost three times. The only reason I even made the discovery is because the bug man was unable to get into the apartment to spray for bugs. When I asked management why they didn't spray mine they told me that they had given it to a repair man (third party) and he had never returned it. This man could have come into my apartment any time he wanted. Management would have never told me they didn't have the key had I not discovered it.<br>2. Cars get broken in to constantly. Their was one weekend two months ago that three cars got his in one weekend.<br>3. ELEVATORS: The elevators are constantly under repair. Most of my lease was spent using one elevator because the other never worked and they don't get around to fixing things for months at a time sometimes. Even after the tragedy mentioned in the other review they fail to maintain properly working elevators. I have been scared more than a few times on theses elevators (if they even work).<br>4. The garage gate is constantly under repair. The management will leave the gate open for weeks at a time, completely defeating the purpose of even having a parking garage. <br>5. Let me preface this by saying my roommate and I are EXTREMELY clean. This summer bugs were so bad and the management was so unwilling to do anyting about it that I began picking up dead bugs and putting them in the landlord's box with a note that said "Please fix the bug problem-1602." I would wake up in the morning and literally have to pick up atleast 7 dead bugs around the apartment. Management never really fix the problem, it just cooled off for winter and it isn't as big of a problem. <br>6. The people who run the building are incompetent and dishonest. You can go ask them a question and they will say they don't know or blantly lie. <br><br>I have to get back to work, but I could on for pages and pages. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES MOVE INTO THIS BUILDING. Everyone is moving out. I will give it six months until this place is a crack house.
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Azur Tower

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