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Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/13/2011
PLEASE READ THIS AND DO THE RIGHT THING! PLEASE ALSO NOTE THAT THEY DO NOT EVEN "REPAIR" OR "FIX" WHEN THEY CHARGE YOU FOR AT MOVE OUT AT ALL. THE SUNSHINE CORP ARE CON ARTISTS WHO MUST BE STOPPED! IF YOU HAVE A COMPLAINT ABOUT HOW THEY MAKE UP HUNDREDS AND OFTENTIMES THOUSANDS DOLLAR FAKE FEES AND DAMAGES AFTER YOU MOVE OUT, THEN PLEASE CONTACT THE TN DEPT. OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! THE SUNSHINE CORP ENGAGES IN RACKETEERING AND THEY BREAK THE FAIR DEBT COLLECTION ACT ALL THE TIME. PLEASE COMPLAIN TO THE TN DEPT. OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS TODAY! iF WE ALL WORK TOGETHER AND COMPLAIN TO THE PROPER PEOPLE, WE MIGHT BE ABLE TO TURN THIS COMPANY AROUND. PLEASE ALSO TAKE PICTURES WHEN YOU MOVE OUT AND KEEP EVERYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF IN WRITING. THANK YOU. http://tn.gov/consumer/index.shtml CONTACT CONSUMER AFFAIRS: Mailing Address: Consumer Affairs 500 James Robertson Pkwy Nashville, TN 37243-0600 Telephone: Phone: 615.741.4737 Fax: 615.532.4994 Inside TN: 800.342.8385 HERE IS WHAT ALL OF YOU ARE DEALING WITH... http://www.wreg.com/Global/story.asp?S=3151679&nav=3HvE... MEMPHIS -- A Cordova woman will have to pay an apartment complex a quarter of the cost of her 12-month lease, despite a terminal brain tumor that forced her to move back in with her mother. One month after she signed a year-long lease with Rock Creek Apartments at 8150 Rock Creek Parkway in Cordova, 21-year-old Catherine Needham was diagnosed with the worst kind of brain tumor there is -- the same kind that killed celebrity attorney Johnnie Cochran. Pounding headaches and endless rounds of chemotherapy left her unable to work or care for herself. She had to move back home with her mother Margaret in Bartlett. Margaret Needham says she wrote Rock Creek's parent company, The Sunshine Corporation at 5575 Poplar Avenue, Suite 414 in East Memphis, asking the company to make an exception and let Catherine out of the rest of her lease due to the terminal illness. "I never got a response," says Margaret. "The only thing they would send me is bills and charges, and most of them were bogus." The Sunshine Corporation's president, Leonard Richman, sued the Needhams for the balance of the lease, plus attorney's fees. Richman says he is limited to what he can discuss about the case, but he maintains his company is sensitive to tenants with special needs or who are sick like Catherine Needham. DO NOT BE A VICTIM. CONTACT THE TN DEPT. OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS TODAY! DANG! THERE IS EVEN MORE! NO ONE IN MEMPHIS SEEMS TO CARE IS THE THING! http://www.wreg.com/wreg-victim-wants-out-of-lease-after-home-invasion-20110913,0,999141.story FAST FACTS: Victim wants out of apartment lease after home invasion Apartment complex will not let her out of lease She is looking into legal action (Memphis 9/13/2011) 21-year-old, Rachel Summerlin had some serious question for the Edgewater Apartment property owners. "What would you do if you were in this situation? You got to put yourself in my shoes," said Summerlin. Summerlin was pistol whipped and dragged into her apartment during a robbery attempt on June 28th "They ransacked it keep asking for money, which I didn't have. It was my first apartment so I didn't have anything," said Summerlin back in June. Luckily Summerlin was on the phone with her girlfriend at the time of the attack. Her girlfriend was able to alert cops. Memphis Police arrived and they traded gunfire with the suspects. However Summerlin's assailants got away. That day she knew she had to get out of that apartment. I was told when I signed up there was security. I was told 24 hour security," said Summerlin. Summerlin told the management company, The Sunshine Corporation, she was moving.She thought that was the end of it, until she got a bill in the mail last week. The charge was for $1889.44. Rachel says she also got a response from management. "Instead of emphasizing, he told me the crime rate was going up, it happens and basically that I have to deal with it," said Summerlin. According to Memphis Area Legal Services under the Landlord-Tenant Act, if there is a threat to a tenant's health or safety then the tenant can break their lease. Summerlin just wants the nightmare to end. "If I have to take them to court, I will." Calls to The Sunshine Corporation were not returned today. Memphis Area Legal Services say the act only applies to random violent crimes and not burglaries or domestic violence situations. They plan to work with Summerlin to get her out of the lease.
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