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Fieldstone Apartments

3333 Hacks Cross Road

Memphis, TN 38125



Resident · 2020
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Office Staff
I have lived at The Fieldstone Apartments for a few years now. While I love my apartment and the convenience of location, I seem to have issues with the staff every couple of months. They are extremely rude while trying to handle concerns and most times don't answer their phones. I'll start off with when I moved in. I was set to move in on a specific day, so I scheduled my movers and my Uhaul in preparation. THE NIGHT BEFORE MOVE IN they emailed me informing me that they did not get all the paperwork they needed for me to move in even though they told me I was approved weeks prior. The next day I had to keep stepping out of work to contact them about the update on my apartment because I had everything scheduled for that day for move in. They would not contact me ever, I was always the one that had to contact them asking for updates. They finally found me another apartment to move into and I blew off all the unprofessionalism in hopes that that would be my only issue. 6 months later, I am notified that I need to bring paperwork ASAP for my emotional support dog because they forgot to get it when I moved in. I asked them repeatedly if they needed to make copies of my paperwork and even brought everything up there when I signed the lease, not once did they ask me for it. 6 months later they harass me for it. I put a porch privacy screen up that I found on amazon. It's a nice brown see through screen that are meant for apartment porches. I had it up for months when I received a voicemail telling me to "take down my chicken wire or someone would enter my apartment and take it down themselves and charge a fee for taking it down." I was appalled considering I have had this screen up for months with no issues, it is nowhere in my lease agreement that I can't have it (I've read the darn thing multiple times because they claim it's in there), and the attitude they have about it. I spoke on the phone with someone about it and then my roommate at the time even went up there to express his concerns, in which we thought this issue was addressed and we were allowed to keep the screen up. OVER A YEAR LATER, I receive a note on my door stating that I am being charged $50 for not removing the privacy screen and that they've attempted contacting me multiple times/it's against my lease. This was the first letter I ever received about the issue and so I sent an email to them in hopes of getting an answer. When I had no reply, I had to call three times before they answered their phone (a common issue you'll have here). I spoke with the property manager frustrated that they claim to have contacted me multiple times. She rudely listed off all the days they apparently put letters on my door and said she had proof. Keeping a list of letters does not prove that your employees are putting them on my door like they are supposed to. If I were receiving these letters, I would have been more than happy to speak with them about the previous situation regarding this in hopes that they just weren't keeping documentation on previous issues. However, i have not been receiving letters and I asked her why they didn't attempt to simply call me and leave a voicemail like they've done in the past. She had no answer for that, but said she would talk to her manager about it and then hung up before I could say anything else. I was concerned that maybe I was missing it in the lease agreement, so I went back through and read it multiple times and NOWHERE does it mention ANYTHING about the porch like they claimed to me. I asked both my roommates if they noticed letters on the front door that they forgot to tell me about, THEY ALSO HAVE SEEN ZERO LETTERS!! These are not the only issues I've had. Every time I have renewed my lease, they mess up the paperwork. The initial paperwork I signed had someone else's name on it, I blew that off and they never noticed/contacted me about it. The first time I went to sign paperwork, they messed it up and said they would get the correct ones ready… they never contacted us so I contacted them saying we still haven't heard anything about the new paperwork. We got it signed and then received our next rent, we were supposed to get $200 off because we signed a longer lease for their special at the time. We didn't receive the special so I called and they said it's because we didn't sign our paperwork on time. I said that we didn't because they messed up the paperwork and never contacted us with the new paperwork. They refused to give the special still. The second time I renewed my lease they put the wrong dates on the paperwork multiple times so I had to continually sign new paperwork through an app (because they didn't want to do it in person because of COVID issues) before I requested to sign it in person. I called them the day before and the morning of to let them know I would be in with my roommates to sign the paperwork. Upon my arrival, they had no paperwork prepared and then came out with incorrect paperwork again. After finally receiving the right lease agreement, we signed everything and had to wait 20 minutes for the girl to finish buying a snow cone at the food truck in front of the leasing office to give them the paperwork so we could leave. They didn't notify us of an increase in rent nor mentioned any kind of specials going on. The ants are AWFUL here. It doesn't matter how clean your apartment is, as long as valet trash is a thing, ants will find their way to front doors and get in. Pest control only comes out once a week on Wednesdays, so you have to go out and buy stuff in the meantime because they get so bad. I had to have Pest control come out so many times it's ridiculous. They are poorly staffed during the COVID pandemic. Every other apartment that my friends/family live in have the pools open. They can't have ours open because they don't have enough employees to stay at the pools for supervision. They finally opened some of the gyms but only during week days and during office hours, by appointment and they have to let you in the gym. I work 7am-6pm during the week, they lose the office at 5pm, so there is no way I could even use the gyms anyways. I'm paying for things that I don't get to use. My overall experience with the staff has been uncomfortable. I am never one to complain like this or get angry about things, but this apartment complex has made too many mistakes that they try to put the blame on me for. When I try to talk about anything with them they get an attitude and then get more rude when you confront them about it.
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We are sorry to hear that you have been dissatisfied with the quality of service we provide. It was, of course, never our intention to make you feel unwelcome in the office and we apologize if you were made to feel this way. We do appreciate you bringing this feedback to our attention and we hope that despite any less-than-ideal interactions in the past, you will not hesitate to give us a call if you feel it would be beneficial to discuss this matter in further detail and hopefully begin working toward a solution.

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