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LakeView Park Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/13/2005
OK. I lived there for 1 year in an apartment that my bedroom would have standing water in it after every time it rained. Their idea of fixing it was to send out a guy with a shop-vac, and let the carpet dry out for a couple of days before the furniture could be placed back, usually just in time for the next rain. This happened 6 times before we didn't even bother reporting it again, other than to tell them that we are not using the 3rd bedroom of the 3 bedroom apartment anymore. They said, "OK"... The mold was toxic. The crime was third world level. She moved out owing money and they sued her, and even with the pictures she took, they lied and said it was never reported, and they won the case. My girlfriend who is handicapped and lived there since 1996, was met with many racial slurs from ------ who hated whites. I deal with that same type of racism at my work, but I will be damned if I will live in it. I feel sorry for many in the black community who have these thugs representing them to whites who may stereotype all ------ as such, but these apartments sets African-Americans back 40 years, and the management allows the crime to happen unchecked. This is a gang haven. If you are not a gang member, then this is not your place. If you are white and don't care to be around racist African-Americans, then this is not your place. If you want a secure safe living environment, that is roach and rat free, and not prone to flood, this is not your place. The place is VERY DANGEROUS! If you are not THAT poor, do not move there. Choose LIFE!
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LakeView Park Apartments

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