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LakeView Park Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/05/2007
it was horrible..i stayed by myself young female..everyone stands outside all in your business gotta be nice and say something or they act like they will kill you...first month i kept to myself i knew my upstairs neighbor i went to work and he called my cell he sid someone was kicking my door he opened his door and peeked down and 2 black guys with a gun...i call 911 and went to house took 45 min for police to showi was too scared to go up to apt till they came..robbers took tv dvd movies AND FOOD the door was busted .. filed police report told maintanance to fix door and i stayed at friends house they came back cuz i guess they knew i was not there by seeing my car was gone...mamtanance never fixed door if you pushed on itit would open..so thy robbers came back next night when i was stayin with friend and took evertything..my furniture clothes tables..even my plates and plastic ware..they took everything...theplace is horrible...a mother across the street pimps her to daughters out and they stand on the corner street of apartment and try to get in the car with any man with money...its sick...crackheads glore..this place could have took my life if i was there when they robbed me...its worse than anything i have ever experienced...please i beg of you to get a apt somewhere else...its not worth the money and most inportment ..your life..i was not even there 30 day before it happened.
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LakeView Park Apartments

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