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Village Green Apartments



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jnuce • Resident 2002 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/23/2005
From the onset of my 4 years, this place was a nightmare. On Day 1 the apartment I was given was not cleaned, painted, or prepared for move in. I was forced to move in anyhow since I had all of my belongings in a U-Haul. Also that day, we discovered that there was hole in the freezer, which melted my food packages, the stove was rusting, the A/C barely worked, the dead-bolt and mail-box key did not work, and the bathroom exhaust vents failed to work (and much more issues). 4 Years later and they still do not. The maintenance is non-existent, and the place is literally falling apart in most places. During my stay, the A/C went out several times. I had to rent a hotel for almost a month at one point, because it was unbearable. However, during this time I also had to pay for that slum as well. During this event, I had to report them to the better business bureau, and I also displayed a sign stating the problem in my window (I was in the path of the visitors office since I lived at 3454 Fescue Lane and they were 3450). One of these actions eventually got the A/C unit replaced, but it still poorly worked. Their excuse to me was that the duct work was designed poorly, and their was nothing they could do (80% of the air would expel in the first 1/3 duct work of the apartment). Keep in mind, the other issues did not get resolved. With all of this (and much more), I would still be compelled to state that maintenance is not the worst issue. Instead, the BIGGEST problem with this slum is that Village Green Apartments is owned privately, and as a result there is no one to bring complaints too. I have requested such information over and over, but they refuse to provide anyone with this information. Additionally, their security is a joke, as their part-time security person hangs out with the problematic visitors of the parking lot, and their gate has never worked. During my stay, they actually increased the rent, which was the final straw for me. I hasted my home search, and found a house for roughly the same price. The day I was moving out they came and began replacing things to sucker the next tenant. To top all things off, when I moved out, I was not in a lease, and I gave 30 days notice (as required by the contract). The deceptive management team informed me that I would need to pay a full month's rent (plus an additional premium since I was not in a lease) to cover these few days (by 2 different personnel), but ensured me that the difference would be reimbursed to me after I moved out on the agreed date. I did not like the request, but I had never been late on a rent payment in 4 years, and was not about to let them mess up my credit. I was moved into my new home by the 3rd of the month, but was obligated to the 13th according to the move-out notification form. I moved out officially (handed in keys) on the 13th , and was informed then by the manger, Jerry, that they would not reimburse me my pro-rate difference (roughly $500). To add insult to injury, my wife and I also cleaned the apartment better than what it was when we moved in 4 years previously, and even though we never had new paint, carpet (or even cleaned), or needed repairs, a portion of our deposit was kept as well by this same manager. I could go on and on and on reporting instances that justify this as being the worst apartments ever, but I will leave it at this. Currently, I am in the process of suing Village Green for the money they have illegally kept, which is what I should have done a long time ago. DO NOT! DO NOT! Make the mistakes I did.
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Village Green Apartments

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