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College Grove



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/15/2005
Between the loud annoying parties till 4am, to the maintanence thinking that your fire hazardous, sparking dryer is not a priority and can wait for three days, to the Ambercrombie & Finch staff, everything seems to be a joke. It's glorified freshmen dorms. The only great thing is not having to move your furniture because it's furnished and its is all inclusive rent. That's the only great deal, the money for the utilities that are included. Some apartments are nice, some are very nasty, especially the four bed, two bath, rented mostly to guys. Plus you don't get to choose which apartment you want, you're thrown in with strangers, and they can't even tell you till the week before when you can move-in in August. Which sucks if you're already renting somewhere else and their lease ends on the last day of July, you can't move in till generally the 25th of August. The closer to the office you get, the quiter it seems and better mannered neighbors you have, but then the office is always in your business!Maintenance men are nothing more than residents who get hired, not actual people with experience in maintenance. Same with the office staff. No one tows, you can park in the handicap and spaces that aren't even parking spaces, which is annoying because everyone's friends who come for the two-apartment party of 50 people are taking your spot! and you're forced to park in the visitor spots in the back. And it is true about the recent gun shootings and stabbings. The phone is always having problems, and the air conditioning and plumbing are other common problems between mine and other friends of mine apartments. Corner ground floors have bug problems from the landscaping being so close.
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College Grove

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