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College Grove



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/15/2007
I lived here for only a few months...I had to move out because I couldn't handle living in that apartment any longer. One night, someone broke into my apartment and tried to get into my room, and my roommates' rooms (we are all female, fyi). I was on the phone with the cops for nearly THIRTY minutes before they showed up. The guy in our apartment was not being discrete...he was trying to get into all of our rooms, turning on lights in the living room, etc. It was absolutely terrifying! I had no way to defend myself had he gotten through the door! The WORTHLESS Murfreesboro cops showed up and caught him...then, they lost him while he was being frisked...how the hell they did that, I don't know. I think the cops are only trained to break up college parties and give MTSU students speeding tickets. Anyway, the guy didn't force his way in, and our doors were locked, so he obviously had a key. I tried to talk to Marissa Parker (she now is the apt manager at Raider's Ridge) about how the guy acquired a key. She had the current apartment manager, Leslie (she was just a student worker at the time), ------- off every time I came by and refused to talk to me and my roommates about the issue. I even tried to give them the composite from the cops, but she wouldn't take that either. Luckily, I was about to find someone to sublease (but it cost me my deposite and an additional $200), but my roommmates stayed. In June/July, a few months later, the guy broke in with ANOTHER key (they had changed our locks from the first incident). That time, the guy who took over my lease and my roommate's boyfriend chased the guy out and he disappeared (he probably lives there or is working for maintenaince). Once again, the apartment managers were as useful as a pile of *^&*. Anyway, to make this story even crazier...the composite I had looked identical to the composite of the guy who raped the girl on campus in February '06. I took the composite to the MTSU cops who were working on the case, and they said they were already aware and thought it was probably the same guy...how convenient!! They already had him and lost him! Worthless...I definitely wouldn't live here. Plus, I've heard it's gotten even more ------ since I moved out.
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