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accessk---ht • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/04/2007
I was impressed with Raiders Ridge after first seeing it, seemed nice with the gates and all, but after 5 months of living here I have yet to see the gates closed once. The internet seems to be fast when it decides to work, but is very intermitant. It's very common for it to go down several times a day. Also certain programs just don't work with this connection, like AIM and other chat programs. The apartment it self was poorly cleaned when I moved in and there were several marks and blemishes on the wall. All the appliances were new-ish, but were cheap as well as uncleaned from the previous owner. My door bell has been missing since I moved in here, there is just a hole in the wall with wires sticking out, and we are constantly being infested with ants. They are EVERYWHERE. I live pretty clean and theres no trash or food left out for them to eat, but they still are everywhere. The furniture looks nice at first..but the 'leather couch' is laughably hard, it feels like its just made for show. The beds are worthless, myself and many other tenants have simply had them taken out. After only a few nights on it the frame began to fall apart..and I'm not more than 150lbs. The water pressure and temp was weak at first, but a little bit of playing around with the pilot light help out a lot with the water temp, not so much for the preasure. Still though, I haven't gotten to the two major reasons why this place sucks. Number one..The staff come in whenever they want, unannonced, and they leave no notice or reason why. I have come home many times to find that my locked room was entered and they messed around with something. Very recently they came in and vaccumed..for absolutely no reason. I've lived in several apartments and I can't believe people put up with this kind of invasion of privacy. I went to Lowes that same day and changed my lock. But heres the major kicker of raiders ridge...if you work past nine YOU CANNOT PARK AT RAIDERS RIDGE!!! Every single parking space will be taken up almost everynight consistantly. Supposidly parking is strickly enforced, but the only time I ever saw a parking enforcement officer was in the summertime, when there were only about 15 cars in each buildings 'lot'..and they were booting cars with permits. ???? Just looking out my balcony now I can pick out 5 or so cars without permits. I thought it might be a good idea to call the parking enforement company on their advertised number and complain but 1-800-BOOT-OFF is not quite what it seems, that's right, it's a porn line. Bottom line, this place is good if you like overpaying for shoody guilded apartments managed by a bunch of kids. Do your self a favor...check out somewhere else.
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Vie at Murfreeboro

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