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Office Staff
wfo660r • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/15/2007
Windy and Samantha are great managers, and I couldn't have asked for anyone better! They knew everyone's name and helped you out whenever they could. But the buildings are worthless, and they're brand new! The seperating wall in my garage unit could be pushed in and out atleast a foot each way at the top, like a cheap office partition! It's only attached at the front and back! And sometimes, not even attached on the front. My buddy can reach through from inside his garage where the dividing wall falls short of the front of the garage units and open his neighbors garage door by pushing their button from the inside! Also, the mailboxes on my building were on the outside of my livingroom wall. A piece of trim on top of them was broken, causing the mailman to have to slam the door shut repeatedly to get the lock to catch. It was like that for months. Everyone knew about it, and no one ever fixed it. I had shot glasses and pictures that would fall off my walls because they had to slam the door so hard! The layout of the apartment itself was nice at first. Then all the little things that make me say it was horrible set in. The intake vent for the air conditioner and heater was INSIDE the apartment in the livingroom. When it kicked on, it was loud. And not just annoying loud, but, "oh crap, crank the TV up so I can actually hear it" kind of loud. The master bedroom was a climate control nightmare. It sat all the way in the back of the apartment. There were 4 vents for the livingroom, a couple for the hallway and bathroom, and another one or two for the other bedroom. Then the master bedroom had one tiny little 5" x 9" vent in the top corner of the room. In the summer, with having two windows in the room, it was a sauna. No matter what temperature the rest of the place was, the bedroom was always atleast 10 degrees colder in the winter, and 15 degrees hotter in the summer. The two windows I had and their proximity to where the sun fell made my bedroom miserable. The shrubs in front of the porches on bottom floor apatments need to go. Or atleast leave a trail. You have a huge sliding door, great for moving furniture in and out. And you have to bob and weave to avoid 6 shrubs that are two feet tall every time you move something in or out. My kitchen flooring bubbled up and had to be put back down. My coat closet had phone or cable wires and junk on the back wall of it hanging out. When my upstairs neighbor ran his sink or flushed the toilet, I could hear exactly where the water fell through the pipes in my walls. And when he walked around, it sounded like he was wearing size 12 concrete-encased boots. You could about pull my dishwasher right out of the counter. The overall construction, inside and out, was the worst I have ever seen. I guess that's what happens when you're in a hurry to build and make money and choose the lowest bidder. And the fact that you can't even pay a small penalty to break your lease is ridiculous. I got divorced and told the owners I may not be able to afford to live there anymore. The answer, "Tough luck." And when I asked to downgrade to a one bedroom, they said sure. But I would have had to pay a $175 moving fee at the end of my 2 bedroom lease before I could have a one bedroom! Great idea, nice way to work with your tenants! I know its not managements fault, it's the actual owners. They seem to not care about you or your situation, just making their money. In conclusion, if you're a college kid, nice place at a decent price. If you've got a family, spend the extra buck and go somewhere more comfortable.
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Woodgate Farms

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