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Theonenonly • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/24/2007
I do not agree with everything in the previous posts, but I can also claim that I have seen maintenance MUCH more than I would like. That is the reason I decided to write a review.<br><br>When I first moved, I asked for the floors to be redone in the bathrooms, because the linoleum was peeling. They put the new linoleum over the old, which I know is pretty normal, but since the previous layer wasn't laying flat then the new layer is simply falling off. <br><br>There has been other minor stuff like a leaky drain, but he reason I decided to write this review is that in the past month I have seen the emergency maintenance guys 4 times and seen an electrician once, because my heat has stopped working twice and my power has gone out twice. The greatest irony is that the electrician replaced the breaker today and now my HEAT WOULDN'T TURN OFF, so I called maintenance (again this is after hours so I had to wake someone) to find out what to do. There is a sort of dark irony about this whole situation. I plan on filing a complaint, but we'll see how that goes.<br><br>The floors squeak loudly, the cabnets are crumbing, and the list of old building characteristics go on. I state these, but I don't see them as a true complaint because I knew when I moved in the the building was old and the price was pretty low for the area.You get what you pay for to a certain extent. I'm sure at one time the construction of the building was good...but that clearly a while ago. <br>However, I do need to complain about the construction:<br><br>1) we were told the construction would not interfere with parking because they would finish one building at a time. The reality is that equipment, wood, and dumpsters are scattered through the complex, taking up 4/5 spaces at each building. The previous poster's claim that he/she had to park 3 buildings away is not an exageration. I feel like I DO pay too much to park that far away from my apartment.<br><br>2) the parking lot is covered in mud. It is impossible to get from your car to your apartment without muddy shoes. We might as well be parking in gravel. My rating on upkeep reflects this current problem. When I first moved the grounds were beautiful.<br><br>Even though I've had alot of negative to say, I have to disagree with the other posters about the rudeness, bugs, and mold: <br><br>1) Even though I've had to see maintenance in the middle of the night and on holidays they were always VERY nice and VERY prompt. I cannot speak about the management because I've had little contact, but I believe it is unfair to say the maintance is rude or uncaring.<br>I've also had no problem with construction workers. They have always been very careful when they see a car approaching and I've never seen them NOT yeild to a car. However, I too am leary about damage to my vehicle. Accidents will inevitably happen with all this hardware around.<br><br>2) Also, as far as "giant" spiders and crickets. I have to candidly say that we are in Nashville, in the middle of a fairly wooded area, and that spiders and crickets exist as a fact of life. I don't like them either, but I have not found more than a normal amount indoors, though the daddy long-legs liked to hang out by the mailboxes in warm weather, which was annoying. They sprayed, but clearly that was a formality, because you can't kill daddy-longlegs with spray. <br><br>3) I take Zyrtec-D and Rinocort almost year round. The year before I moved to Knollwood I had bronchitis 4 times, 2 sinus infections, and one ear infection, despite the fact that I was taking the medicine. I haven't been sick since I moved to Knollwood. This could be a coincidence, but I say it to point to the fact that if there was poisonous mold in my apartment I would have certainly been the first to die from it, but seeing as how I'm still alive and (thank God) free from illness I have to doubt that there is a deadly mold in the walls. Unless, of course you happen to have a deadly allergy to that specific strain of mold. I've had plenty of problems, but I just wanted to point out that mold is not one of them (not yet, knock on wood)<br><br>Overall, I would say that moving to Knollwood anytime soon(as in within 3yrs) would be foolish. I see the "Refer a friend!" posters on the lawns and think to myself how embarrased I would be if I recommended someone to live here.<br><br>As others have already stated, the facelift won't solve the squeaky floors, leaky faucets, faulty heaters and breakers, deteriorating cabnits, etc etc etc. Supposedly after the facelift they'll do an indoor renovation. Lol, as inconvenient as it is to live here with outdoor work going on, I pity the fools who are still here for THAT mess. <br><br>Furthermore, the apartment held a "town hall meeting" about the construction and it was silly, in my opinion. I was disappointed that no one was honest enought to tell us how much the price would go up. I refuse to accept the answer that no one knows, because AIMCO is not foolish enough to start a renovation without a target market in mind. If their target market is doctors and lawyers than we who live here are out of luck. I have plenty of other reasons to not renew my lease anyways.<br><br>P.S. I almost forgot to mention that there is a squirrell in my ceiling. They can bite through the wooded shingles. So my noise rating reflects that particular problem.
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