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Audubon Park Apartments

600 Whispering Hills Drive

Nashville, TN 37211



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apartmentrenter84 • Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/09/2007
I lived there for a full year and it was the worst experience that I ever had. I had a neighbor on one side who played his stereo incredibly loud and beat his kids. The neighbor on the other side smoked pot a lot and it stunk up my apartment. I complained about this countless times to the management and they did absolutely nothing. If you want a cheap place to live, you can do a lot better than this. There was not one night that I felt safe here.<br><br>Also, I paid a deposit when I moved in. The lady that checked me out of the apartment said that I would get the full deposit back within one month. I called after a month had passed and they said they had "sent it in the mail." To make a long story short, I never received it and had to keep bugging them. I had to keep calling and calling and no one would return my phone calls. It was incredibly frustrating. I finally got the names of several people high up in the management company (PMR Companies) and sent several e-mail explaining that I was talking to my lawyer about suing them for the amount of my deposit. And of course then I got my money right away, although it was $30 less than my original amount. Very shady if you ask me. STAY AWAY FROM ANY APARTMENT OWNED BY PMR COMPANIES... ESPECIALLY AUDUBON PARK!!
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Audubon Park Apartments

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