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5204 Edmondson Pike

Nashville, TN 37211



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kazmerbn • Resident 1999 - 2000 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/08/2002
I am quite glad to have found a place to tell everyone about the terrible apartment complex in Nashville called Raintree Brandywine. <br><br> <br><br>I would NOT recommend living here. Having lived there for 15 months, I was one of the most senior tenants. The rent increase was ridiculous (14%) after my 12 month lease expired, and I needed a few more months before I could move out. Although I had a perfect payment record, they completely screwed me over for rent. The staff has no intentions of ever keeping someone longer than their initial 12 month lease. <br><br> <br><br>There were roaches everywhere -- inside my apartment, inside my friend´s apartment (a different building in same complex), and on the sidewalks leading up to the buildings. It was disgusting. <br><br> <br><br>The other residents scared me and my girlfriend. A lot of them looked like hardened criminals. The complex put in a security gate right before I left. I felt more afraid of the people living in the complex than anyone passing by outside. I was very hesitant to use the facilities for safety reasons. <br><br> <br><br>The administration staff lied to me on multiple occasions. The promised me that the security gate would be completed 13 months prior to its actual completion and kept blaming the bad weather for its delay. <br><br> <br><br>I referred a friend to the complex, and it took 9 months, 4 office visits, and about 10 phone calls to get the referral check sent to me. <br><br> <br><br>I found dog crap in one of the usually adequate laundry machines. <br><br> <br><br>My car was broken into once. Nothing was stolen, but the lock was messed up. <br><br> <br><br>Apartment walls are paper thin. Not only could I hear every conversation in my neighbor´s apartment, I could smell their dinner, too. A different neighbor used to beat the tar out of his girlfriend on a regular basis. One night I was convinced that he would throw her through the wall onto my sofa. Eventually, she smartened up and moved out, but this apartment complex is low class. <br><br> <br><br>Unless you previously lived in section 8 (government) housing, you will find this complex to be terrible. Maybe it has improved since I moved out; it certainly couldn´t be any worse. STAY AWAY! <br><br>
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