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Bransford House



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Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/21/2008
I lived in Bransford House for the last year I was at Vanderbilt (2006-2007). It's not the greatest place, but it is significantly cheaper than anything close to campus, and in the morning, my commute was ~5 minutes to campus, which was great. I was renting a 2 bedroom apartment, and for what we were paying it was enormous. The appliances worked perfectly fine, and I never had a problem with the parking, laundry, or pool. The person who wrote about thin floors and walls is absolutely correct though, because I always heard my upstairs neighbors walking around and our next door neighbor and his dog. The next-door neighbor was especially bad, because he liked to drink and get into fights with his girlfriend. We got to hear every screaming word of it, and we nearly called the police several times. The maintenance man, Jerry, is amazing. You can tell him you've got a problem and it will be fixed within a few hours. He's great, definitely knows what he's doing, and is on top of it. The staff, however, are useless. One of the other reviewers mentioned them, and I just want to reiterate what he said. Judy is an absolute ----- and her useless assistant Danielle is just as bad. Make sure to get them on your good side because otherwise they'll be dropping by all the time to harass you. We were on their good side, so we rarely saw them (plus, we were on the back of the complex, about as far from them as possible), but god, we hated them. The last thing anyone should know about this place is about the lease agreement. I told them I needed an apartment for one year. Twelve months. From June 1st to May 31st. They apparently interpreted this to mean 13 months, because when I gave them my one month's notice about leaving at the end of May, they said my contract had me listed until the end of June. I checked, and there it was on my contract, a 13-month lease. I argued with them about this, and they told me I'd better pay my rent for the last month or they'd come after me. As a poor student, I couldn't exactly take them to court to fight them about this, especially since I had signed the contract. Finally, amid their threats to ruin my credit, I shelled out another $700 for a month of rent I never used.
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Bransford House

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