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Creekstone Apartments

266 Stewarts Ferry Pike

Nashville, TN 37214



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Reviewed 06/23/2012
This review is lengthy, but PLEASE read it before signing a portion of your life over to this place. I have many friends that I have met living here, all of which have the exact same issues as I have. I've gone from enjoying my new Nashville life, to living in a complete and utter state of paranoia. Upon moving here, I wasn't sure which areas of the city were safe or not. I was attracted to Creekstone simply because it was close to the school I transferred to. When I first moved here, Emily still worked in the office and was nothing but friendly/helpful. Now that she's gone, I've been left to deal with Eric and Amber - Both of which have zero customer service skills or any desire to help with the endless problems I've had with my apartment. The carpets were filthy the day I moved in, along with countless other issues such as many parts of the walls/cabinets desperately needing re-caulking. Eight months later and to this very day none of these issues have been addressed, regardless of countless emails and phone calls I have made to the office. Getting help with the most simple requests is like pulling teeth! After the first few weeks I moved in, I started dealing with a flea infestation. It took Creekstone FOUR MONTHS to finally eliminate this issue. I was covered from head to toe in bites, and scared to let anyone come over and buy new furniture because of this. After the fleas were eliminated, the spiders started. I understand that living in the mid-south, Brown Recluses are a common sight to see on occasion. But I've got a brown recluse INFESTATION. I EVEN WOKE UP TO ONE CRAWLING ON MY LEG!!! I have dozens of glue traps around the apartments, each day having 3-4 new Brown Recluses in them. The other day while cleaning, I killed EIGHT. Looking up at the kitchen light, I can visibly make out about 10 dead ones in the glass. They have had their knock-off "pest control" come in and spray, but they do a half---- job and even left their trash laying in my living room floor from the glue traps they placed. It's absolutely appalling. I've been bit by brown recluses three times since living here. Still, they will not do anything about the spiders. I actually contacted a real pest control company that specializes in doing "target fogging" for the critters, but Creekstone refuses to pay for it. They also refuse to pay the medical bills I have from my hospital visits due to the bites. I have to ask about 3-4 times before they'll send their Mack company back in to do a pretend spray job. I had to resort to keeping my shoes in zip-lock bags, shaking out my clothes every time I get dressed, and keeping my clothes hamper off of the floor because they were crawling into and nesting in the bottom. NOTHING IS SAFE ON THE FLOOR!!! My refrigerator broke twice, ruining all of the food I had inside. Did I get compensated for it? No. My air conditioning has broken 4 times now, one time on a Thursday, and maintenance didn't show up until the following Tuesday to fix it. I was forced to live and sleep in 95 degree weather until then. This place is not worth the money. The water heaters sit openly in your closet where you clothes hang which is absolutely disgusting. My washing machine is terribly loud and makes a high-pitched screeching noise -- Maintenance has never addressed this regardless of the many times I've asked. The mass of college students that live here from AI and many others have LOUD weekday parties. I've never felt unsafe walking outside at night, but have been advised by many locals not to.
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Creekstone Apartments

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