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Gazebo Apartments

141 Neese Drive

Nashville, TN 37211



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jimmy_neutron • Resident 1997 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/16/2005
Gazebo was my home for 8 1/2 years, so I know a lot about the place and changes through the years.<br><br>When I first moved to Nashville, Gazebo was the first apartment I visited and the one I rented. The location was great for my work (airport area) and the complex was immaculate. The maintenance has been great except for one instance when my A/C broke down in the middle of July (the motor on the fan outside on the exchange seized up). They took almost two weeks to replace it and they had the part after two days! I was sweating it out! My water heater failed twice but was fixed promptly the next morning.<br><br>I left Gazebo for a job in Washington DC. If I didn't move for that reason, I would have moved for other reasons. The apartment complex has been on a noticable decline for the past two years, not because of management, but because the residents have no pride for where they live. I often times saw children throwing trash on the ground in full few of their parents who didn't care one way or another. I have seen kids playing ball in the parking lot with no regret on hitting vehicles, I have huge dents in my car because my neighbor was a taxi driver and could care less about hitting my vehicle when parking (he dented the rear quarter panel in very badly). I have seen groups of people outside on the weekends having their little drinking parties near the office and the next morning, their evidence (beer cans, bags, etc) left all over the place). Again, management can't control those matters, but maybe a hired security guard on patrol during the nights would be a good investment. <br><br>I loved Gazebo, but if I didn't move for the job, I would have relocated to somewhere where the people paying rent actually has respect for where they live and won't trash the area. I would be curious to see the place in another 5 years.<br><br>I always seemed to have noisy neighbors both upstairs and downstairs. My neighbors above me must have been newly weds or trying to get pregnant, sheez, those ceilings are thin. My downstairs neighbors were foreign and always made their phonecalls over seas at 2 am and talked VERY loudly, waking me up at night. Unfortunaly, I can't say it was a quiet place to live.
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Gazebo Apartments

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