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Legacy Hill



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/19/2005
I had a one year lease at this apartment and I was quite happy to get out. <br><br>a. As everyone else said, the apartment is OLD. The floors creak BADLY. You can hear everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) through the walls. <br><br>b. I'm guessing at one point they tried to update the apartments (countertops and appliances), but you can tell it was cheaply, and carelessly done. (Counters not aligned correctly, paint on carpet/floors, seams not correctly spackled, etc.) <br><br>c. The office is NEVER open. The management is out more often then they are there. (Lunch break 3 times a day????) And don't bother calling--they won't pick up the phone.<br><br>d. ANTS in my bathroom and closet. (and I'm VERY clean.)<br><br>e. If construction occurs in the complex, don't expect advanced notice. When repainting the balconies on a Sat. morning, they asked that all furniture, pets, etc. be removed from the patio or else it would be ruined. Not an unreasonable request by any means--except...they notified the complex FRIDAY NIGHT -- I felt sorry for those that were taking weekend trips. :/ <br><br>5. Our broiler was replaced and they NEVER notified us that someone was entering our apartment. Instead, my roomate and I came home to an apartment that had OBVIOUSLY been entered. <br><br>Overall, it's OKAY. My greatest pet peeves were the creaky floors and THIN THIN walls. You can find a MUCH nicer complex with MORE AMENITIES for the price you pay at Legacy Hill. Keep looking.
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Legacy Hill

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