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Nob Hill Apartments

180 Wallace Road

Nashville, TN 37211



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/17/2007
MANY PROBLEMS with staff and apartment itself.<br>I did my walk through and noticed that there was no lock on my door wall (I was on a ground level apartment) They said they would fix it right away.<br>They put one on, but never screwed it to the wall, so it fell of the first time I opened the door.<br>Made another request and they said they were waiting for a part to come in fix it.<br>6 months later...they were still waiting on a part. Still wasn't fixed when I moved out after a year.<br><br>One day after work I walked in and noticed that my DVD player was on, and a DVD case was sitting on the floor in front of the TV (I hadn't watched a DVD in weeks!) and my apartment smelled like smoke (I'm a non smoker)<br>When called the office and asked if someone had been in my apartment, they said that they did not have a work order for my apartment.<br>I also noticed several times that lights were left on, the a/c or heat was turned on when I purposely left it off, etc.<br>I started doing little 'tricks' to see if someone was going in my apartment while I was not home. (toothpick in the door jam, clear tape on the bottom of the door...etc.) and 6 different times in 2 months, someone had gone in my apartment without a work order.<br>When I confronted the office staff with my findings, they accused me of giving out my key to someone. (I think I would remember if I gave someone my key.)<br>I had neighbors who had 2 full families (4 adults and 5 small children...and another man who came to live with them about 3 or 4 months later.) in a one bedroom apartment above me who used the hallways and stairwells as a playground for their kids at 11pm until about 3 or 4am EVERY NIGHT!<br>Called the office about it...guess what..."Nothing we can do about it."<br>There were beer bottles and cigarette butts all over the sidewalks, entry way to the building and in the hallways that wouldn't get cleaned up for WEEKS!<br>The mexican men will sit on their balconies all day long and make rude comments in spanish to women as they walk up to the building.<br>After about 3 months of harrassment, I gave one guy the finger and he threw a lit cigarette at me and I had about 6 broken beer bottles smashed on my patio the next morning.<br>Again..."nothing we can do about it" from the staff.<br>Do yourself a favor, save yourself the harrassment, aggrivation and frusteration. Go across the street to Sunrise apartments...they aren't much better, structurally, or tenant wise, but at least the staff attempts to take care of problems!<br>
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Nob Hill Apartments

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