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Polo Park Apartments



Resident · 2011 - 2014
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Office Staff
I have lived at Polo Park for about 3 years now. In my first year I did not have a very good opinion of the apartment community but that has changed over time. I will admit this may not be a good option for some but I ve come to like it. As you will see in many of the reviews here there are complaints about crime, problems with amenities in the summer, airplane noise, poor smell, and unfriendly staff. What I ve come to realize is that many of these have nothing to do with the apartments themselves it s the location. We often choose things based on location. I for one love that they are close to the river and there is a beautiful greenway . Unfortunately if you live along the river there is also a smell from the river itself as well as the landfill that is on the opposite side of the river. To me it is infrequent enough and the benefit of living along the greenway outweighs the smell issue. As far as the air traffic noise, you are going to get this anywhere close to the airport. You could live in a beautiful $400K home in East Nashville and have the same issue. For me it hasn t been a problem as I like being close to the airport, the benefit outweighs the noise. Also I keep a fairly normal schedule and Nashville has a noise ordinance that prevents air travel overnight. Now if you are one who sleeps during the day be warned there is a noise issue that you will face as the apartment complex is adjacent to the police academy shooting rage and this could be an issue for you if you need to sleep during the day. The issue with amenities, parking being problematic have more to do with citizenship and being part of a community than the staff. Same thing goes with safety. Be aware of what s going on around you, know your neighbors, etc. The biggest issue I have had has been in dealing with communication in the apartment community and I believe they have made great strides here changing the way they communicate with residents. This has improved a number of things even crime. I have seen a great improvement in the office staff and their communication and willingness to help. One of the things that has made me comfortable living here is the maint staff. They do an excellent job and are very quick to deal with things. My apartment completely flooded about a year ago due to a faulty appliance, and they handled that situation so well. It happened on a Sunday evening and they responded promptly and took care of everything. As with all apartment communities there will be issues. Be well informed about where you are living and know what is important to you. I ve considered moving twice but did not because I could not find a better community for the same value elsewhere.
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Polo Park Apartments

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