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Polo Park Apartments



Resident · 2015
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Office Staff
My experience at Polo Park has been much less than acceptable. It is a great place with many things to offer, but it is very poorly managed. I just moved in here three months ago. When I first applied here, it seemed as if everything ran very smooth. They really do a great job of getting your application processed, collecting fees, etc. They nailed the move in date for me, and that was something that was important for my particular situation. That is pretty much where the service ended. After that, everything here is "hind sight management." There is nothing proactive about the place. Shortly after I moved in, I recognized the heat on constantly...it was like it never shut off. Upon inspection of the windows, it was apparent why. The caulk around the windows was either rotted and gone, or never existed in the first place. Coming from MT, I expected heating to be inexpensive in TN. I had a 3000+ ft house, and never received a power bill as high as at Polo Park...in a 700' apartment. $200+ for a single month at 70 degrees. I've since looked a little harder as there are bees getting in my apartment somehow. At the bottom of the window in the bedroom, there are bees stuck in paint underneath it. I've had 4 wasps so far, and it's barely April. During the two weeks needed between move out and move in...I'm not sure anything was done except a quick scrub down. The dryer vent outside was packed with lint and material. Not only a fire hazard, but another reason for ridiculous power bills. The tile in the bathroom was disgusting. There are still, what appear to be smeared mosquitos all over the light fixture in the bathroom. Overall, these things are not the end of the world. However, all of these things should have been caught in between tenants. As I mentioned before, there is nothing proactive about this place. If you call them, or request something...yeah, eventually they'll take care of it. Usually after these reviews, they'll write a review themselves and explain that. Like I said "hind sight." Nothing is done unless it absolutely has to be done. About 6 weeks after moving in, my tool trailer was broken into. It was parked by the trash compactor, where I was instructed to park it. Someone living in Polo Park decided it was appropriate to cut the locks off, and start hauling tools away. Over $2000 of stuff taken. When I mentioned this to the staff, they literally barely muttered "did you call the cops?" They did absolutely nothing to reassure me that this wasn't normal, or ask if there was anything they could do...basically just a "well...that's tough." I moved the trailer down in front of my apartment and haven't had any break-ins since. I did get a call from them later on to move it back down where it was. Brian says "well don't you have insurance?" Priceless! Not a word of concern when your stuff gets robbed...then a "don't you have insurance" when you're told to move it back to where it was! I was really trying to give these people the benefit of the doubt. I had planned to just live out the lease and move on, but people need to know about this place. If you are considering living here. This is the reality of it. I read a lot of similar reviews, and chose to try it out anyway..I really regret it at this point. Save yourself some headache and find a different place. The access to the bike path is great, the location is great...but thieves and poor management make it a one star place for me.
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Polo Park Apartments

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