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Preserve at Brentwood Apartments



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ontheroad247 • Resident 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 04/02/2007
The management is very moody one day all smiles the next day hard pressed for a word or two. The manager herself trys to act corporate but needs to loosen her collar a bit more. I mean cut me a break you manage a small complex for god sakes not like your in charge of a high rise with million dollar cliental which I just happened to live in a few years back and I can tell you she was no where near as uptight lol. The landscaping is phenominal even in winter. The plumbing sucks A$$ the drains are slow the water pressure is non existant and the pipes rattle in the walls. Security sucks as well we have had too many loud parties starting at 2 am for my taste (you have to call the Nashville police there is no security and the gates are always open.)This is a mid level apartment complex the cars vary between old Toyotas and mid line Beemers with a few Corvettes now and again. The parking is bad they could asphalt the woods next door and have ample parking for at least 50 cars boats and trailers. I do enjoy the storage/Garage (80 a month extra) Overall I feel it is priced about $150 to high considering the security etc..Am I going to renew? I dont know yet I hate to move its a pain in the butt! Depends on the rate I supppose.
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Preserve at Brentwood Apartments

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